Policing Community Engagement – Monday

Got an issue… with Policing, then why not raise your concern/issue with them direct at a
community engagement at ‘Whittlesey Library/Learning Hub’ this coming :
Monday 15th October 10:00 – 11:00

When resources are available, Officers will be patrolling, as can be seen here last Saturday Night.

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WTC Full Council Meeting Agenda Wednesday 10th October

Full Council agenda 10 October 2018
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Trends this week…..

I suppose the only real news was that the Kings Dyke Bridge project is to cost a great deal more than anyone had anticipated.
On reflection after getting over the shock, remembering that there had been a public consultation on which of the three schemes offered – the public wanted and most including me, chose the scheme which we told was the most expensive.
At some stage we will find out what the land cost to purchase, any if anyone out there with knowledge and qualifications can tell us what the delay of over 4 years might have cost.
We again patiently wait for the next meetings to see whether Metro Mayor Palmer will indeed cough up all or part of the shortfall(s)….he has a great deal to gain politically if and when he comes for re-election, as do our own County Councillors should the Bridge works begin before the next elections.
Some fantastic local events supporting the MacMillan Foundation with their ‘coffee mornings’ – well done and thank you all for the hard work putting on these events.

A Mile High – that would be on land – at the GrandFather Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway….

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Whittlesey Green Dog Walkers Launches 12th Oct

12th October 10:00 – 12:00 Whittlesey Market Place will see a new initiative to give a better impression of our Doggie Friends…..and hopefully enlist those owners who are less responsible for their pets….
In the USA they provided very good facilities and free bags – plus a $25,000 fine for those who can or will not use common sense….can’t pay then go to jail..

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More Crypto News – Been Crytojacked !!!!

One of the first signs of being hacked or having programs installed without you knowing is that your computer slows down…..on mobile devices battery life generally get much less….
Here is the latest from Cambs Policing Unit..

So, what is cryptojacking?
Cryptojacking is defined as the secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency.
Cryptojacking used to be confined to the victim unknowingly installing a program, this could be initiated by opening an attachment from an email or clicking on a link, the most common form of malware delivery.
However, if you surf the web and a webpage has been compromised then cryptojacking doesn’t need a program to be installed. (JavaScript runs on just about every website you visit. So when you load a webpage, the in-browser mining code just runs. No need to install)

The simplest way to protect yourself from cryptojacking is to install a cryptojacking blocker. Installing a cryptojacking blocker means adding a browser extension so that it blocks a list of domains associated with the cryptojacking code.

If your device is compromised, you may or may not experience a slowing of the PC or Laptop. If it is a mobile device compromised, then the battery life may be effected. For more information visit the following link.


To visit Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s website please follow this link:https://www.cambs.police.uk/home.aspx

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Kings Dyke Bridge or Tunnel

Just been asked – why is there tunnels showing on the latest plans.
I was to believe that a tunnel under the railway was being built for Forterra (Brickworks)
to make it easier for them to transport materials from one side to the other without impacting the road/bridge – I maybe wrong…..however if this is the case, maybe do away with a bridge entirely and build a Bigger Tunnel…….Then there is the cost….are Forterra paying for this to be built! – remember they are one of the landowners who will have benefitted from selling their parcel of land …..and maybe get a ‘free’ tunnel thrown in as well.
Never mind the commercial sensitivity of all of this…..at some stage ‘transparency’ of what’s been going on will all come out…..by which time – it may well be forgotten about…

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MacMillan Coffee Morning – Manor Leisure Centre

Here is a ‘local’ event for those who maybe could not make the previous events.
A fantastic organisation – the events raising money for a very worth while cause.

Whittlesey Manor Leisure Centre Wednesday 03rd October @ 10:00am

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Community Engagement Dates – Policing Fenland


Friday     12/10/18  10.00-11.00  March Library

Friday     12/10/18  14.00-15.00  Doddington Church Rooms

Monday  15/10/18  10.00-11.00  Whittlesey Library

Monday  15/10/18  13.00-14.00  Chatteris Library

Local PCSOs and Rosie Cooke from FDC will be attending the above locations. NHW Co-ordinators are invited to attend as well.
#FenlandNPT #7165

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WTC Planning Agenda 03rd October

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K – D X – Spin & Spin & A Public Relations Disaster…!!!!

The Kings Dyke Bridge – Saga..
I have never met or spoken with Councillor Ian Bates, Cambridgeshire County Council’s chairman of the economy and environment committee, – but his press release today at various publications can only be egg on his face as the Council spokesperson – I do not envy his position.
The news is out (sort of) and some of our councillors would have been aware of this financial disaster for some time.

Kings Dyke Bridge – latest costing £30 Million ++++

I put my hands up – I also grossly under-estimated the short fall (I expected it to be double the initial costs – I was wrong and say so) – Then I haven’t had any details like some for the last 5 years.
Now we look to James Palmer the Metro Mayor of the combined authority to dig and I mean dig deep into coughing up the shortfall. The shortfall as has been revealed today….

However more delays means more costs!!!!
Amongst the ‘spin’ given by Cllr Bates, some of which may well be true, the one thing he omitted was the ‘fact’ the considerable delay(s) will and must have contributed a great deal to the increases in costs.
The other well known fact being we in Fenland live on a very boggy landscape and this should have been well investigated before-hand.
No I don’t know the answers – what I do know is that this latest statement should be regarded as a public relations disaster……
More to come….There are a number of Cambs CC who are not be very happy about these latest revelations and may well causes hold ups….

For we poor residents who have waited 10 -20 or 40+ years for this Bridge to happen – we continue to wait …… and hold on a minute – how long is the actual Bridge itself – 80 metres…that’s NOT 800 metres but 80 metres,  – 5 years to get this far – and some Councillors asking ME why I am making a mockery of the issue

Quote Cllr Bates Cllr Bates “Whilst the overall budget required has increased from earlier estimates to just under £30 million, an independent review of the project and construction costs reveal that the benefit of continuing with the scheme remains extremely high.”

Let us hope so for all of us…..

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