Eatra-Extra-Extra – Extravaganza Quiz – Fantastic Night

Last night’s Extravaganza Quiz attended by 50 or so quizzers….raising funds for this year’s
Whittlesey Extravaganza Event – A fun filled family event put on by yet another group of volunteers whom I am proud to be involved with….
Yours truly was the Question setter and Quiz Host for the evening….
Nice Fish & Chips by The Royal Fish Bar.
The winners “Shy Teds” very generously donated their winnings back to the Extravaganza.
A very close fought results with only 3 points separating the top 3 teams…

Saturday 7th December Whittlesey Extravaganza – Fun Family Happy Event.


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SP’s 10th Anniversary Project

The final celebration, 10 years of Whittlesey Street Pride (2007-17), saw the ribbon cutting ceremony of The Beet Cutter project located on the corner of Grosvenor Road.
Donated by Michael Weston, sponsored by Tesco Bags for Help Grant and ribbon cutting by Tesco Katie & Laura from Peterborough…..

SP BeetCutter
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Willow Court – Over 65’s Extra Care Accommodation Coming…

Being built on the Larkfleet Estate/Eastrea Road. Longhurst Group – Willow Court

An open exhibition today at The Christian Church/Broad Street, saw an early steady flow of interest. Aimed at the ‘over’ 65’s see more details on the link above.

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Whittlesey Business Forum – Charity Walk Update

With very generous sponsorship The WBF Charity Walk raised £1,400:00 for the two nominated local charities – ‘Defibrillators for All’ & The ‘Scaldgate Club’

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The Fair is in Town….

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WTC Meeting – Wednesday 11th September Report Part II

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Enviromnetal/CCTV/Fly-Tipping Etc…

Some slightly better news, only (2) reported Fly-Tipping in the Whittlesey Area.

WTC 190911-FDC Papers
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WTC Meeting – Wednesday 11th September Report Part I

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

The inaugural meeting of Whittlesey Town Council at their ‘new’ offices @
Peel House, Queen Street, Whittlesey.

8 members of the public, including ex councillor Ralph Butcher and CCC David Connor.

10 Councillors in attendance (apologies from Cllrs, Munns, Bristow, Lang-Whiston & Wicks)

WTC 190911

The agenda was published on this site on the 05th September …. Click Here to see agenda
A somewhat shorter agenda considering there was no meeting in August.

3 members of the public spoke at the Public Forum.
a) Lighting and Sound issues in the new Council Chamber.
b) Thanks from Ponderbridge for WTC engagement.
c) VJ celebrations for 2020

Under the Police report, several Councillors asking for a Police presence at a future Council meeting, and the Clerk to write to Inspector Lombardo requesting this.

CCC David Connor gave the meeting updates on:-
a) Kings Dyke Crossing/Bridge.
Cambs CC are to publish the Tender Documents by 30th Sept.
It will then be available to interested parties, although at this time it is not known the date that Tenders have to be completed, although 2 to 3 months was mentioned.
Both Cllr Connor and FDC Leader Cllr Boden
commented that Cambs CC Leader Steve Count is very much in control of the project and is ‘keen’ that there are not more ‘slippages’ – Their words not mine!!!

Cllr Connor then gave updates on the (2) Local Highway Improvement applications…
b) The Gravel House Corner safety enhancements was deemed to be over priced/expensive for basically re-lining the short amount of road (Approx £18K)
c) The LHI for Poindersbridge traffic calming is moving forward and Cllr Connor asked whether WTC would contribute £3K towards the LHI (Matching that of Ramsey TC)…this was voted unanimously for.
I asked about the Police and Crime Commissioners contribution, and this was confirmed as a verbal committment only. WTC to write to the PCC. (At July’s meeting indications were that the PCC could grant between £10K – £13K)

Other business….:-
The ‘new’ Council Offices (Peel House) has been formally handed over by the contractors.
There ‘appears’ to be some misconception about this building and why it was purchased.
This was done prior to me being re-elected, although I am in full support – because like renting a house – you’ll pay forever – this is being bought as a community asset to our town. The cost of the building was at a favourable price and the loan was also very low.
There is a lot of potential for rental income, 2 flats which as most now are aware are being rented to 2 Syrian refugee families, the cost is to the ‘tax-payer as the Government are funding this for 5 years, as they do for hundreds/thousands of other refugee’s.
There is a small short-fall in projected income as there has been a short delay in them moving in.

The Bower Tow-Path, both myself and Cllr David Mason, highlighted the concerns over there being little or no maintenance carried out on this extentively used ‘Path’ – no planned maintenance and no long term plan for future maintenance.
Residents complaining and public at large who use this area as leisure or exercise also very unhappy.

Unfortunatley ‘we’ did not receive a great amount of support in persuing whether WTC could do more, it was the concensious of opinion that the 4 or 5 ‘authorities’ who have an interest in the Tow-Path should take the financial responsibility for looking after it.
Cllr Mrs Mayor is kindly contacting these ‘authorities’ in order to get a meeting set up.

Cllr Dorling highlighted the inconsistency of available figures on Re-cycling within Fenland and that target figures for future re-cycling should be made.

This Council meeting ended at approx 21:30 .

The official opening of ‘Peel House’ will take place on Sunday 29th September 2019
There will be a ‘Public Open’ event on Saturday 28th September 2019 10:00- 12:00

These are my observations having personally attended the Council Meeting, I do occasionally make the odd mistake/error and I am more than happy to correct if these are made to me.

Please beware of ‘some’ comments on ‘Social Media’ by person(s) who have not attended these meetings and make remarks/comments, on the basis of hearsay.
If you have any questions about Council business – then please contact YOUR Councillor.

I am Roy Gerstner, Independent Councillor for St. Mary’s Ward South – Whittlesey Town Council.

My contact details are on the top ‘toolbar’


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Still Waiting for the Grand Opening….!!!

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Update on Boots Pharmacy

I just want to be clear on the interpretation on my previous postings, I am not encouraging or advocating that any patient has to change where they get their medication from – this is not my intention, what I have posted is that patients have a choice.
It is their choice where they obtain their prescription/medication from.

Boots Pharmacies in the Whittlesey area :-
Will still be available for those who collect their medication.
Patients can order online and have their medications delivered for free though the post.
Shop managers who identify patients in a vulnerable group have the discretion to waive the delivery charges.

If you think there are any issues – I encourage you to visit Boots Pharmacy and ask to speak with the manager.

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Good NHW Meeting

Last nights last minute change of venue still brought out 15 Whittlesey/Coates & Eastrea NHW Co-ordinators. We covered a diverse array of issues. Although details are kept within the group, a great amount of success in both Crime reporting, prevention, cyber awareness and assisting residents with scam issues.
Other highlights were, NHW reporting drug dealing, illegal vehicles and ani-social issues in St Mary’s Churchyard.

Welcome t0 new Co-ordinator Peter W who will be covering the Coates area.

The next planned meeting will be held on Thursday December 12th @ 7pm more details closer the event. If you have concerns about crime or your neighbours safety or well-being,
please either contact myself (details on the top tool-bar) or
Robin Sutton

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