Scammers – Cleverer by the Day

On the left is what a ‘QR‘ code looks like, in case you are not aware.
QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

From Nigel Sutton – Cambs Police.
You should all know about the dangers of the phishing email, but guess what?
Cyber criminals appear to have re-invented it.

It now appears that they are embedding QR codes into the email that asks the recipient to scan the QR code which leads the person to a phishing site that logs their credentials.

So far, this scheme has only been seen on email servers in France, but it is suspected that it will quickly spread across the globe.
This clever new scheme bypasses the vast majority of phishing, virus, spam, and malware filters because there is no obvious URL for the filters to examine for legitimacy. Very few standard security systems will protect users against this threat… all they see is an innocuous image… not the malicious domain behind it.
For more information visit:

If anyone has received such an email, please let me know.
Many thanks
Mr Nigel Sutton
Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor | Specialist Crime Team

Ext: 2773
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Hinchingbrooke Park,
Huntingdon, PE29 6NP

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Kings Dyke Consultants – to Cambs CC

A company called Ramboll™ are/were the consultants for part of the KD Bridge project.
Below is their indicative designs…
You or I do not need a ‘double degree’ in Engineering to see from these pictures the ‘issues’ of the ‘road’ passing so close to the ‘pit’
Besides these issues of the vast underpinning and materials (£££s) required, I understand ‘they/someone’ has identified a substantial amount asbestos.

A605 Kings Dyke Improvement Scheme visit Ramboll™ website link
:-  Click Here

Click on the picture to further enlarge….



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Letter to MP Barclay – Concerned Resident – KD Crossing

As I have said on many occasions, the more people who lobby our MP the better, spend a couple of minutes of your valuable time and let him know your/our feelings…

From a member of the public….

Dear Mr Barclay,

I listened to you on the Jeremy Vine Show. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.
I am writing about the above as have grave concerns about accountability on this never ending project

Mayor Palmer has now released two statements to the press stating that the combined Authority can release no more funding and asks the question does Cambridgeshire County Council want the authority to take the running of the project over .
Yet CC Boden quite clearly stated at last weeks Whittlesey Town Council that the Combined Authority have been involved with the project for the last 2 years

Meanwhile costs have escalated so now kier have been “thrown off” the contract in order for ccc to put the proposed bridge back out to tender.
Is anybody actually going to be held accountable for this ridiculous debacle?

Reports state costs have escalated because of the high costs of piling The Star Pit.
Investigation of the land involved is fundamental to any construction project not just a large one like this.

Why has it taken so long for this matter of piling costs to come to light?
I understand there is also a large amount of asbestos to be removed too elsewhere on the site.
Now we have acres of derelict land as we drive into Whittlesey which no doubt cost the hardworking ratepayer a few million pounds along with the environmental hazard of Saxon Pit.
I again ask who is responsible for this mess and waste of taxpayers money the ccc cannot place the blame in Kiers hands there must be a project management team somewhere in the County Council who have not been monitoring the scheme properly!

Kind Regards…..

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Cambs CC Official Press Release KD Crossing

18 Jul 2019

Cambridgeshire County Council has been engaged in urgent discussions with Kier and the Combined Authority on the important King’s Dyke crossing project.

Officers and members have been committed to finding a solution for delivery of this scheme, eagerly awaiting a final design and price from Kier for consideration. This arrived yesterday evening, four months past the agreed date despite continued and significant pressure.

 Cllr Steve Count, Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council said: “I am clear we should not now proceed with Kier as we cannot agree this final revised cost which has considerably increased. It is a shame that we have been forced to wait so long to receive a price that is so clearly out of line with earlier and even revised expectations.

“My view is the quickest way now to get this much needed crossing and bridge built would be to re-procure the work on the same route.

“I will now ask the Economy and Environment Committee to consider the options available and agree the best way to proceed, considering both time and spend.

 “The King’s Dyke crossing project is vital for the people in Fenland and will remove the delays at the A605 level crossing.

“We will continue to work closely with the Combined Authority and agree a way forward, which means this project will continue at pace.”

 King’s Dyke project will be discussed at the Economy and Environment Committee on 15 August. 

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I was there – I was the only one there – FDC Full Council Meeting Today.

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Fenland District Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

I was the only member of the public present at today’s full FDC Council meeting.
The agenda for the meeting was published on this web-blog on 17th July – scroll down to view.
Undoubtedly the main question early on was fielded by Independent Councillor Michelle Tansfield, who asked about the update on the Kings Dyke Crossing.
I dare say most of the FDC Councillors are aware of ‘our’ issues concerning the KD Crossing.
Whittlesey Town Councillor/FDC Councillor-Leader & Cambs CC Councillor Chris Boden gave around a 5 minute answer/update to where the ‘project’ is -today –
Press reports that most of us have seen.

Cambs Times – Mayor Palmers response KD Crossing

CCC Cllr Steve Count response KD Crossing

At the end of Cllr Boden’s response, he intimated that ALL concerned parties, The Mayor of the Combined Authority, Cambs CC and Fenland District Council were committed in delivering the project.
After the meeting finished I happened to be able to talk with Cambs CC leader Cllr Steve Count and asked him whether he would be prepared to come to Whittlesey and from the ‘top’ tell us the way forward, which is was in agreement – that also the people and electorate of Whittlesey and the Villages deserve to be informed.
This is being worked on.
The video below is a usual not very good sound quality – it is Cllr Boden’s response to Cllr Tansfields question on the KD crossing –

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Good Meeting Executive Group Cambs NHW

9 members including myself and Chairman Robin Sutton attended the Exec meeting of Cambs Neighbourhood Watch – membership in the region of 1,800 co-ordinators across Cambridgeshire.
2 members of Cambs Police Team were also in attendance.
Notable concerns affecting our area being reports that ‘Open Street Drug Dealing’ is going on – yes here in Whittlesey.
Ex Whittlesey PC Alan Paul Chair of the large Peterborough Group, informs that there are on average between 6 – 16 burglaries a week occurring in the Greater Peterborough area.
Rampant Drug Dealing is being witnessed and reported in the Hampton Area.

For those members of Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch and the electorate of St Mary’s Ward South (Whittlesey Town Council) pleased be informed that I have a one – to – one meeting with the Police & Crime Commissioner Mr Jason Ablewhite on the 08th August.
If you would like me to raise any concerns on your behalf please get in contact with me.
I meet with the PCC on several occasions during the year.

The AGM of Whittlesey NHW is being held next Wednesday 24th July @ 7pm –
Whittlesey Town Hall Offices – through side door, up the stairs.
Open meeting anyone and everyone is welcome.

Visit Whittlesey NHW Web for a vast amount of information and help :-

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Telegraph Pole Damaged Station Road

HGV has hit a telegraph pole opposite 11 Station Road, pole has now fallen down and ripped wires from houses.
Picture – Whittlesey Town Council

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B1040 Closed – Updated

14:59LT B1040 closed as car has gone off road into the dyke that runs from Whittlesey to Dog in Doublet, police have closed the road and air ambulance on site.

Watch for updates

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FDC Grant – Press Release

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Yet Another Warning

Please allow me to bring to your attention, a scam targeting those claiming financial assistance from the state.
Criminals are using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat pages to plug a scam, which exploits loopholes in the welfare benefit Universal Credit.

Full details are contained within the link below:

If you know of anyone who needs to be made aware of such a scam, then please let them know by forwarding this email.
Many thanks.

Mr Nigel Sutton
Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor | Specialist Crime Team

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