Some Controversy Over ‘Aspiring By-Pass’

At last Wednesday’s WTC meeting, WTC/FDC & CCC Cllr Chris Boden (also the leader of FDC) quoted during a discussion on the ‘Growing Fenland’ & ‘Future For Fenland’ documents and consultations – The ‘By Pass’

Mr Steve Hodson a well known and respected businessman and member of the Business Forum has quoted the following….

“A new Relief Road” that the line of the new road be extended from the Morrisons Roundabout.
This extends the Relief Road dramatically and is not likely to happen.
The evidence for this is that Cllr Count advised Peter Baxter and others at the recent meeting in Whittlesey that any By Pass was a “PIPE DREAM”

In addition, I do not think you were able to make such a suggestion as a properly convened meeting of the Whittlesey Growing Fenland Group was not present.  It is a decision that the Town Council cannot make.
“I suggest you call a meeting as soon as possible of duly authorised group to consider this final report”

(RG) When I met MP Steve Barclay some 3 years ago and poached a similar question on ‘a proper By Pass’ for Whittlesey he said :-
The criteria for a By Pass using the Governments formula of ‘Cost Benefit’ would require Whittlesey to build in the region of 8,000 houses.”

So – I well accept Cllr Bodens – aspiration(s) he unfortunately has only lived in the area a relatively short time – we have been told/asked and promised all sorts of infrastructure/supermarkets (commercial decision) and country parks, none of which for various reasons have not come about to date….
I, like many in Whittlesey share aspirations for all sorts of better enhancements, but achieving these ‘goals’ is a challenge.

Above photo WTC/ RWT photography.

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