Your Chance To Have YOUR Views on The K-D Bridge

Well advertised it is YOUR opportunity to have YOUR say (again) on the Kings Dyke Crossing.

Dozens of articles on the web-blog since 2013

This is ‘what’ I wrote on the 28th February 2013 – At least I can say that I am consistent – some of our Councillors taking ‘credit’ were not even here in 2013 !!!

Just look how ‘true’ my vision was 6 years ago and in print as well…..

A Bridge is a coming !!!!! £15 Million +++ (Roy Gerstner 28/02/13 @ 13:17)

Nick Clarke leader of Cambs County Council has announced today (28th)…
A ‘Bridge’ is to be built….sooner than later, possibly within the next 3 years…
All kudos being given to our (2) County Councillors Martin Curtis and Ralph Butcher…
Of course no one else has being campaigning for either a bridge or by-pass for the last
50+ Years!..

Whilst I and many if not all of Whittlesey are very happy at this ‘news’…..Like the Supermarket Plan, I will be Jumping (In my dreams) for joy when I see the building work begin.
The only sting and there has to be one, is that ‘We’ Cambs ratepayer will be funding two thirds of the cost.
No Government help – No Euro help….!!! – they have no money……
Why not go the whole hog and charge us for using it….

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