Telephone Scam Alert

We have received a recent report from a CAPASP supporter and Good Neighbour that there is a very persistent new version of the HMRC and Mastercard telephone scams that I have recently alerted to you. The new version is an automated call stating that the resident’s internet provider is going to terminate their services and that you must press 1 to be connected to an ‘executive advisor’. Our informant tells us that they received this call 8 times in one morning alone.
As before, please pass on this message far and wide to alert others within your community. The simple advice is to not press 1, or any other key that is instructed, but to simply hang up as I suspect there would be a hefty connection charge or a very threatening or persuasive person awaiting your attention.

Thank you for your continued support.
Best wishes for a lovely and scam-free weekend,

Charlotte Homent
Community Protection Manager
Cambridgeshire County Council

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