I Just Dislike The Phrase – Lessons Will Be Learnt !!!!

PM Cameron favourite phrase, (almost daily), so thanks to LD for the research recently into Cambs CC ‘Ely By-Pass’ project and the large overspend.


The headline in the Ely Standard™©CCC report reveals ‘time pressures’ were to blame for the Ely bypass overspend .

I wonder if any similarities can be drawn with our own Kings Dyke Crossing fiasco !

A Cambridgeshire County Council’s “lessons learned” report on the project shows costs rose by 36 per cent.

The final cost was £48,910,380, with an additional £13m allocated during construction in order to achieve completion.

The report made six recommendations to prevent similar issues from recurring, including that in future the relevant county council committee should be better informed of progress and issues, and that staff pressured to pursue actions “that do not follow normal governance rules” should manage or escalate those concerns.

To read the whole article (3 minutes max) go to the Ely Standard website Click Here
Almost daily for years we hear of some politician or local government officials telling an enquiry ‘That Lessons need to be learnt’ – I doubt that very much….otherwise we wouldn’t keep getting repeat after repeat….
Considering KD Crossing costs started at £13.1 million and now stands somewhere! in the region of £39+ million, I make that somewhere in the region of 300% increase not 36% as in the case of the Ely project…..of course ‘we’ could learn some lessons from the man himself now Mr C….

Article from The Sun™©

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