Excellent Meetings This Evening

A good attendance at the New Queen St Surgery (Patients Participation Group) – 14 members and the deputy practice manager. News that direct admin support for diabetics and other at risk groups will be put in place – in the near future.
A slight modification to the telephone screening/booking system, in the near future patients will be advised that they will be called back – within the next hour or a timeframe,
this will help patients who wait in all day for a callback.
Some news about the practice being amalgamated within The Lakeside Group will be announced in the near future through official channels.

Also attended The Whittlesey Society meeting – again fairly well attended by 16 members.
A very good talk by guest speaker Chris Car – What The Romans did for us – for example they introduced Chickens (eggs) and Pheasants and how they cooked – quite interesting.

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