Savers Supermarket coming to Whittlesey

Taking on the ‘old’ Heron™ shop on High Causeway – Savers is planning to set up shop.
Owners ‘Watson™’ are Hong Kong based and have interests in ‘Superdrug™’
Some sell toiletries and household goods, this one appears to be applying for a licence to sell alcohol!…. so looks like Whittlesey is becoming popular with the discounters….
No news on where our promised supermarket (Remember – Sainsbury’s pulling out –  Tesco’s giving up) and of course the also promised Country Park.
I have not been in recent contact with the developer Bruce Smith.

Below the rather weather worn signage for what could have been.
As I have quoted on many occasions, what Whittlesey wants – It doesn’t get.
What Whittlesey does not want – It gets….

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