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Well yet again another very busy week, my Sister-In-Law and her youngest (daughter) arrived last Monday – we went to pick them up at Gatwick (Bank Holiday) luckily we had gone the night before. My S-In-L has been twice before and her (3) sons have finished Uni here in the UK – and on completion I said – Not a lot to do here in Whittlesey – I’ll buy you a Rail Ticket around Europe 30 days / 28 Countries see what you can do…. Well with only a couple of hick-ups (Stolen tickets and Pick-Pockets) they got on OK.
So when it came to the niece (Yi-Lin) I said No way on your own – so she has brought Mother along – who loves to travel.
My fault – on arriving home after our Christmas Cruise(Bronchial Pneumonia) – I had left it to the last minute to order the tickets….No 2nd Class left – I had made the promise to sponsor the journey… I had to make good my promise – So 2 x 1st Class tickets round trip 30 days / 28 Countries had to be bought (Ouch £££) – anyway a trip of a lifetime planned.
We took them back to London Thursday night to catch the Eurostar out of St Pancras on Friday morning…..
All off safe and sound…This evening en-route Berlin.

Parking issues again at the head of debate not only in Whittlesey, but most other Market towns around Peterborough have raised the same issues.
Our Church Street/Ramsey Road ‘issues’ continue – that said, the vehicle which is parking at present on the ‘double yellows’ has a ‘Disabled Badge’ displayed and therefor is NOT illegally parked. I wonder though how many with ‘Disabled Badges’ have actually read all the rules/regulations on accepting their cards.





All 34 pages to read – I doubt very much – I have read the document and I do abide by ALL the rules contained there-in.

More ‘Slippage’ – What am I talking about – well the for-every delay in Resurfacing of Ramsey Road – lets see now – was it sometime last year it was going to be done!!!! – then it was January, then March and now I hear that it ‘should’ be done in July (This Year)

Tomorrow night (2) meetings to attend – I can’t be in (2) places at once so probably will attend the New Queen Street Surgery – Patients Participation Group Meeting.

Building up for the Business Forum  Fayre and BusFest next Sunday – All free to go along.

Sister-In-Law visiting us in Whittlesey 2009 came all the way from Kuala Lumpur to help collect rubbish and litter around Whittlesey – What has changed I wonder !!!!

Koo MF                                        Koo Connie

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