Report on WTC Meeting Wednesday 11th April 2018

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Agenda to this meeting was published on this site – 06th April
10 Councillors in attendance – absent Cllrs Whitwell & Garratt.

Thanks to my correspondent who sent these notes to me…

1/ Request made for Police drop ins to take place in villages.

2/ Problems on Thorney Road people going through barriers. Cllr D. Laws took over 30 registration #’s on Saturday, discussion took place as Police advised not enforceable as no guarantee owner driving.

3/ Cllr Curtis raised that 2 premises had a 1 rating hygiene. It took Fenland District Council 5/6 months delay to display the info not acceptable.

4/ Cllr Laws asked if could consider green ribbon campaign. She will find out more for next meeting.

5/ Street Pride – Asking about Zero tolerance on Rubbish and excrement – main thrust about Kings Dyke Lay-by which Cllr Curtis raised again later stating not acceptable human excrement. Cllr Boden suggested close lay-by and have a lorry park.
Cllr Butcher said will still park on road to save their overnight allowance – On-going.

6/ Then accounts discussed. WTC underspent by £32,000 but have bought property which means they have to go into a different category review.
Sundries Parish expenditure £1600. Notice boards.
Photocopier 50% over spent controls have been put in place.
Discussion about paperless – Some Cllrs not keen.
Discussion about clerk being data controller. (Haven’t got one yet??)
7/ Donation to food bank for shelves £222
8/ Summer reading challenge – £500
9/ Allotments had site meeting with fencing contractor re correct fencing awaiting prices. New contracts for allotments going out Friday.

10/ Cllr Mason reported on the  Business Forum Meeting re Saxon Recycling.
All agreed just a planning application and would prefer if had been submitted in normal manner.

11/ Cllr Mason attended Pub Watch meeting.

12/ Cllr Dorling reported that 25 tables had been booked for the forth coming Business Forum Fayre to be held at the Manor Leisure Centre.

13/ Must Farm Cllr Mason – Concerns project not listening to councillors had a meeting with Peterboro’ City Council and multi functional building could be viable.
Can it be sustainable? – Thinks back on track.

14/ Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Laws – There is appetite for a major development which would give the public the facilities they want however previous questionnaire didn’t focus on development so a new one will have to be sent out asking about major development.  Combined Authority Mayor James Palmer not sure what master plan is yet!

15/ Rail partnership. Still going slowly extra trains to start Dec 2018.
But don’t want trains to stop at Whittlesey. (2) extra stops creates impact on others.

16/ Cllr Mason Syrian refugees going ahead WTC want to assist and support.
The new Town Council building now has to have 3 planning applications as 2 flats are separate applications. Cllr Boden – No responsibilities for integration but Whittlesey should take some responsibility for them.

17/ Cllr Mason – Master Plan – Can get £50,000 grant Whittlesey one of 9 other towns can get this base town on St Neots. Cllr Boden – St Neots not typical example so another meeting planned to discuss.

18/ Kings Dyke – Crossing -Cllr Butcher stated Next project meeting cancelled.
The next one would be in May.
Stage 1 detailed plan late autumn.
Stage 2 construction Sept
Target cost from Kier 11/08/18
Land purchases 1 exchanged, 2 ready to exchange wants to complete same time.
Contracts drafted to be sent to solicitors.
Design revised underpass and 4th arm agreed with planners – Bridge to be a bit lower.
Ecological survey commenced this week.
Target open spring 2020.

19/ Debate then about road closure while Wash flooded
Now will be closed nights with stop- go signs.

20/ Cllr Mason – Yellow lines outside of Park House police don’t have manpower Commissioner suggested WTC employ own traffic warden. To chase up again.
Windmill Street to go ahead soon.

21/ Resurfacing Ramsey Road Cllr Boden – July 18.
Closed for 1 month. Road to go down 2ft in depth.
(Delayed from 2017 – to January 2018 – to March 2018 to July 2018 !!!)

22/ Cllr Bristow – Residents of Lark Fleet want the roundabout moving and crossing instead as difficult when taking children to new road school. Some discussion about difficulty of these crossings.

23/ Cllr Laws – Delphi Flood Wardens doing brilliant job recognise in minutes.

Next meeting 09th May 2018

e&oe – errors and omissions excepted – If you think any item needs correcting because of its ‘factual’ content – then please let me know, I will make the necessary correction.

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