My visit to the Saxon Brickworks

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Recycling Plant – Now under East Midlands Waste Management™.

After several public reports to me and posts on this site during January, about ‘funny smells’ coming from the Saxon Pit area, numerous residents complained to Fenland District Council, Cambs County Council and the Environment Agency (EA) were informed and are currently monitoring the site.

My post on January 27th stated ‘Smelly News’ – Two Whittlesey Councillors plus the Chairman of the Whittlesey Business Forum Mr Joe Jennings took up an invitation to visit the site. The owners/managers of the site East Midlands Waste Management™ also contacted me via Joe Jennings and invited me to visit the site.

On Wednesday, myself and Joe Jennings were met by the site manager Mr Frank Owen, who has been in position for about 6 weeks, he has been brought in to ‘tighten up’ procedures at the plant.
The site is massive to say the least – 100+ acres.

Our tour lasted about an hour and we were taken all over the site in a 4×4 and shown some of the ‘challenges’ in regards the site walls and water issues.
We were shown material which the EA had identified as being the waste causing the ‘smell’ and it consisted of about 300 tons (Not as reported on social media 1,200 tons).
The offending pile (looks like earth to me) is to taken away to a landfill site.
As of last Wednesday there was no other material identified as being ‘foreign’, that we were shown.
We saw no trucks actually coming into the site.

 However Mr Owen answered all my questions, some of which are below.
1/ All material coming to the site comes from a traceable known source.
2/ All material comes with the necessary certification and paperwork, which is checked.
3/ Prior to discharging the material – the Digger Driver visually examines the material.
4/ There is a full audit trail in place.
5/ Part of the land will become a ‘nature reserve’ and there is a management plan for this to take place.

I can only say what Joe and I saw on the day, Mr Owen is a very experienced person in this field and as said previously has been brought in to ensure that correct compliance of the planning application is adhered too which is attached at the end of this article.

The Environment Agency (EA) are monitoring the site and have made frequent visits.

East Midlands Waste Management™ are giving a presentation to The Whittlesey Business Forum at their meeting this Wednesday 28th March.
The Business Forum have invited Whittlesey Town Councillors to that meeting and I understand that 11 of them have taken up the offer.
I will also be attending and can report anything new that might be said at this meeting.
(I am a member of the Business Forum – I do not own any business!)

My thanks to East Midlands Waste Management and Mr Joe Jennings for allowing me to visit, ask questions and take photographs of this site.©

If you have any questions about this or any other article on this site, you are very welcome to contact me – my details are on the top toolbar.
(errors and omissions can be made and I am more than happy to be corrected if informed)

Disclaimer: On the site visit, Mr Joe Jennings and I only had a visual tour.  At no time was any finances discussed, no offers or inducements were asked for or made.
Should social media ‘trolls’ imply otherwise – I will take immediate legal action against such individuals who imply any impropriety –

Please don’t go there. I have never been offered any inducements – ever.

Below is The Cambs County Council Planning Application.©

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EMW CCC Variation Planning Saxon Pit - 43372-1950967501.24.09.17
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