Daily Archives: July 1, 2016

More Vandalism on Route 63 – Cycle Route

Only last week – a posting on this site – repairs and adjustments to the gate were made. The access through the gate was made so everyone at present can use it. Today the same type of issue – someone … Continue reading

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More Rhetoric Part 2 – FDC – ‘The Brown Bin Tax’

Having read the ‘blurb’ which FDC have sent out – I and ‘many’ others I have spoken with get the distinct impression that FDC would like us to believe that ‘everything is FREE at the council…..Whilst I accept what they … Continue reading

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Rhetoric – Rhetoric and More Rhetoric from FDC

Okay – ‘we’ will never win with Fenland District Council, I am referring to both Grass Cutting (It is someone else fault/problem) or The imposition of a ‘Brown Bin Tax’ My thanks to several who contacted me re the FDC … Continue reading

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