The Grass Cutting Challenge

29th/16:00 Update:
I and my neighbours are very grateful to Cllr Mrs Kay Mayor, who has taken up our issues of very poor maintenance of our grassed area direct with FDC… we shall wait and see….

No one has yet sent me any photos of a worse area – which I am pleased about at present.

I and hopefully ALL residents are extremely grateful to Whittlesey In Bloom and other Volunteer Groups who work extremely hard to maintain our Town & Villages looking good throughout the year. Hundreds of hours by the volunteers time.
I and a few others are very active Litter Pickers.

FDC employ contractors to maintain Parks and Public spaces, are responsible and should be accountable for the current issues with the state of ‘some’ of our Public Spaces.
‘Some’ are kept in a very high standard and ‘Some’ are almost neglected….
I am lobbying on behalf of my neighbours, many elderly and not internet connected.
My challenge is:
Can you find and send me a photo of a worse area than our own in Ashline Grove.
As said before this is nothing new, it happens year on year…What do I get – Excuses,
well I am just about fed up with excuses….
Looking at my photo taken yesterday (28th), when The Contractors – eventually find Ashline Grove – it will be a complete mess even after cutting it – as it is so long to start with, in some places over 12/14 inches tall.
It is a great shame that like with many other issues, our PAID employees at FDC are very experienced at making excuses…..maybe it is time the Leader of FDC starts to be a bit more pro-active for ALL the residents of Fenland and not just March or Wisbech.
The Challenge is there – find worse and I will publish….

AG 2016-02A  AG 2016 -01A   Grass Cutting 2016 -01A

Ashline Grove 12/14 Inch Grass & Weeds         Another area a ‘bit’ better but still not Good

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