Todays Events – Friday

160527-03As advertised as Chairman of Neighbourhood Watch I went along with FDC Sophie Wilkinson to promote Scam Awareness on the Internet РThe Purple Bus unfortunately had a flat battery Рso we set up shop on the Market Place. A worthwhile event even though a nice day Рnot so many people around, maybe because of the Bank Holidays.
PCSO Moll was about, and yes I asked him about the recent Fly-Tipping issues and the Police were aware – however they work on ‘priorities’ – Yes they have been down there – Yes they have seen the dead swan and No the Farmer has NOT reported his gates missing as in my previous post. If crime is not reported it is not recorded and the Police are unaware of incidents.

160527-02 High Street 1160527-01A

At last weeks WTC meeting the ‘issue’ of High Causeway was brought up – that a lot of vehicles are using this ‘Pedestrian Area’ when they shouldn’t be. PCSO Moll was on the case again today. Sometime later I did a count between 12:00 – 13:00 at total of 8 vehicles accessed High Causeway including 4 White Van Man. When I explained the Traffic Regulation and Law, well as you can imagine all I got was ‘Abuse’ this included a persson who makes deliveries for the Salvation Army Shop on High Causeway – still did I expect anything different.
One White Van Man decided he would stop for 15 minutes, whilst going in the ‘VAPE Shop’ to have ‘smoke’ of whatever.
I understand that ‘Maybe’ FDC are looking at enforcing the area differently – sorry NOT good enough.
There have already been ‘incidents’ – which in some cases involve ‘people’ just too lazy to park in the car park whilst collecting shopping or take-ways.

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