Another Good Rubbish Clearing Event

Yesterday went out with the team of Street Priders … I have stated that our town is reasonably clean and tidy, this because we have at present two excellent street cleaners, plus a few of us that do our bit.
Rubbish and Litter is made by ‘people’.
There is on-going experiments, to show the effects of when one side of a street is cleaned and the other side left. After a few days the difference can clearly be seen and after a week a major difference can be seen.

Here is SP Chairmans e-newsletter from yesterday.
SP 160327-01A

Easter Saturday and most people are heading for the coast or visiting friends.
Not so Whittlesey Street Pride! There were thirteen of us who turned out on a very cold and windy day to clear the rubbish from Ramsey Road. There was plenty of it too, twentyeight bags of rubbish,a car door a car radiator, concrete post and other fly-tipped items. All found among the trees along that road.
Thank you all of you, again an excellent turnout and a good result – well done.


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