Scams (2) … Students beware

Fraudsters are contacting overseas students and visitors who are in the UK via their mobile phone or social network account and purporting to represent UK or foreign law enforcement.

After fraudsters have claimed to work with their respective embassy or government, they tell the victim that there is evidence in the form of forged documentation or parcels which implicate them in a crime such as money laundering, fraud or immigration offences.

After demanding further personal details from the victim such as their name, current address and copies of personal documentation, they threaten the victim by suggesting a warrant exists for their arrest which will result in their deportation and imprisonment unless they transfer a payment to them in order to cancel the arrest or pay a fine. Once the money is transferred, all contact between the victim and the fraudster is severed.

What You Need To Do:

  • Police will never ask you to withdraw to transfer money so “it can be checked”, neither would they demand money to in order to cancel an arrest.
  • Do not be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details no matter who they say they are; protect your information and have the confidence to question and refuse unusual requests.
  • If you have made a payment to someone claiming to be the police or government department, and you think you might be a victim of fraud, you can report it to Action Fraud any time of the day or night using our online fraud reporting tool. You can also get advice about fraud or cyber-crime by calling 0300 123 2040.
  • If you are a student you can ask your Student Union or University for advice, help and support.
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Latest Scams …

Confirm your Apple id !                               AppleID
Dear Client,

We have faced some problems with your account Apple, please confirm your billing details, If you ignored this email your account will be Officially Permanently disabled the next 48 hours.. .

Please click or copy this link to confirm your billing details.

Link Removed – Not from Apple

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
Apple ID.

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Trending This Week…

Well I notice that ‘most’ of our councillors and officials are enjoying a deserved holiday during August, however I also note that after several attempts to highlight the state of our Zebra Crossings in town at Town Council meetings – Nothing (I would have been surprised otherwise) that ‘Nothing’ has transpired – no paint has yet arrived….
Likewise the resurfacing of Ramsey Road, which now is well over 15 months overdue, and every time the subject is raised we get the same answers – I know that Councillors are asking and making representation, but I always go back to our ‘Old’ Ex Leader of FDC – Alan Melton who often quoted –
Who is working for Who Here….

Bedlam again on Thursday ay Market Street/Station Road whilst temporary traffic lights were being installed.
Today for only a short time – the removal of scaffolding around the Old Building opposite the town hall – Some call it the Monastery – however at this weeks Whittlesey Society meeting – the Chairman quoted that there is no such records of a monastery in Whittlesey.
Still nice to see the renovations after many months of work – again not quite complete as there has now been found a ‘painting’ on one of the interior mud walls….



Theft from our shops is a common occurrence (shrinkage in the trade) and local supermarket KESHCO is no exception – it happens several times a week.
Owner JK has very good CCTV and has caught many light fingered customers.
In the end ‘we’ the honest law abiding public end up paying as the price of goods has to reflect -Shrinkage’
A year or so, I witnessed a low life with a purpose built trench coat that had pockets inside to store (6) bottles of spirits. When I gave him ‘a look’ he very aggressively asked me what I was starring at! – He was caught before leaving….

Time for a Holiday….





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Some more History – ‘Ostlers – Whittlesey’

Bellow a talk given by now retired David Ostler – about their business…

We know how our business A C Ostler, finished but where did it start and what happened in the middle?  For that we go back 68 years to 1950.

My father was then manager of Timothy White and Taylors, in Market Place (as it was then known), in Peterborough. He always wanted to have his own business and a hardware shop in Westgate came up for sale which he took over. Selling domestic hardware, gardening, DIY, fireworks etc. On the counter were displayed brands from the past such as Izal toilet rolls, Fab, Rinso, Lifebuoy soap. Prior to Bonfire Night its was even permitted to display fireworks loose on the counter top

During the 60’s Peterborough Chamber Trade had an exhibition on the embankment, I remember we were promoting a new product – “Fairy Liquid”! The  public thought the idea of a liquid to wash up with rather strange – “ how could this be better?” How times have changed, now we use dishwashers!

I came into the business in 1962 at the age of 15, straight from school. This was the expectation in family businesses then. With better education opportunities, our children wanted to pursue their own careers, which we encouraged.

Purchase Tax was replaced by VAT on similar items in the early 1970’s. This changed the collection of such taxes from the wholesaler to the retailer.

Paraffin heaters were a very popular form of heating in some homes. This meant we had a large paraffin tank at the back of the shop and customers would bring a can regularly to be refilled.

In 1968 we opened a shop in Lawson Avenue, Stanground.  The rent for the shop in Westgate had gone from £7 to £10 a week a big increase, so we closed Westgate to focus on Stanground. To emphasise the price the cost of a night out was about £1 and you could purchase a house for £1000.

My Father died in 1971 and my brother John joined the business. My parents had owned a large property, after the death of my father my mother decided to move to a smaller property. This left us needing more space to store items. Therefore, in 1973 we opened a shop in Oundle Road, which had storage. During our time here we opened a toy wholesale section, as WH Smith closed this part of their business, leaving the area with no toy wholesaler. We sold mainly pocket money lines to sub post offices, corner shops etc. Including, selling 1,000 fancy hats to the Leadmills, a night club in Sheffield. We sold toys for Christmas parties for companies such as London Brick Company, the sugar beet factory. Frequently wrapping up to 400 presents for them.

In 1982 we opened in Werrington District Centre which was our largest shop (1,800 sq ft) My brother John ran this shop. We soon closed the Oundle road store.

In 1988 Arthur Neal retired and we took over the premises and moved to Whittlesey for the first time.
We outgrew the Broad Street store by 1997 and so moved into our final store in Market Street. We were able to increase our range of stock to include such items as; paint, wallpaper, timber, tools, garden furniture and fireworks, alongside cookware and domestic hardware. (The first ever risk assessment we had to complete was for fireworks!)

In the years following 1997 we closed our Werrington shop (the Development corporation had doubled the rent). The Lawson Avenue shop followed in 2010. My brother was of retirement age and this enabled him to work part-time.
During the time we have been in business we have supplied goods to Peterborough City Council and many schools, mainly Home Economics Departments across Peterborough and surounding area.

Prior to council wheelie bins on one occasion we provided 150 dustbins to schools in Peterborough! In addition, we supplied children’s homes, care homes and the hospital nursing home and doctor’s flats.

This brief history of our business ends with the closure remaining store here in Whittlesey. Together with younger members of our families pursuing careers in other fields, the changing face of the High street and shopping habits  and difficulty finding an appropriate buyer, the shop closed in September 2017 as retirement beckoned for me as well as my brother.

David Ostler

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More Criminal Activities…Locally

Another distraction event yesterday (Not the Millfield Way as reported in the PT – that was reported here just after it occurred) – again an elderly couple who both went to their front door whilst the accomplice was rummaging around the rear of their bungalow – fortunately a neighbour was in their garden and disturbed the accomplice.

Banks Track Your Swiping To Cut Fraud.

The Times, 14/08/2018
Holding your mobile phone in a different grip from your normal one could prompt your bank’s fraud team to call.

New technology is being used by high-street banks to track unusual behaviour and act against fraud.
The specialised software tracks how users type and swipe on their smartphones while using their banking apps in an attempt to flag up when an account has been compromised or hacked.
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is already using software from BioCatch, an Israeli firm, to log behaviour that it deems unusual, prompting the bank’s fraud team to ask clients about recent transactions.
The bank is considering rolling out the so-called “behavioural biometric” tools to millions more of its customers.
“We have managed to stop six or seven-figure sums going out by spotting these patterns,” Kevin Hanley, of RBS told The Daily Telegraph.

In one case, a hack was prevented by the bank after an account number was typed in using the number keys at the top of the keyboard rather than the number pad, which the account holder usually used. The software detected the anomaly and stopped the transaction.

  • Conmen are stealing £91,000 on average from pension holders as scammers cold-call the retired and convince them to transfer their life savings into fake investments, the City watchdog and pensions regulator said. 

To visit Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s website please follow this link:

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More historical information on SHS








Local work by GM saw the Hero (2) signage repainted a number of years ago, of course since then the Pub has long been closed and is now a state of the art Vets.
It is said that when Sir Harry Smith returned via railway to Ely thence by horse to Whittlesey, he was greeted by several thousand locals.
It is said that he past by what was the original ‘Hero of Aliwal’ on Station Road.
The print above show his return to his house on St Marys Street.
Plenty of further reading at Whittlesey Museum.


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Another excellent talk by Maureen Watson

This afternoons talk at The Eastrea Centre by local historian Maureen Watson centred around ‘Sir Harry Smith.

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Fascinating talk @ Whittlesey Society

Last nights guest speaker Dr Martyn Thomas gave a very slick and comprehensive interactive talk on Peterborough physician, surgeon, general practitioner and philanthropist – Thomas James Walker (1835 – 1916)
One of the pioneers of applying modern medicine to Peterborough and used what was then cutting edge technology to help patients.
An instigator for the future Memorial Hospital with friends such as the Fitzwilliam family giving a great deal of support and financial contribution.
Whittlesey Society meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month @ Whittlesey Town Hall – Market Street – £8 per year, with guest speakers most months.

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Morleys Petrol/Garage Site

A number of months have passed since planning permission for a Co-Op supermarket (Lincolnshire Co-Op) was given.
The site remains untouched, it is my understanding that the same group are completing two other projects and when these are completed, they will then start on
Whittlesey site.
The fuel tanks are still in situ and these will have to be removed along with some other de-contamination of the top soil.

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A Date for your diary @ Whittlesey Library

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