Not Just Cafe

Popular eatery/café Not Just Cafe’ next to the Library/Learning Centre – I understand will be re-opening hopefully by the end of the month.

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B1040 – Ramsey Road Resurfacing – 12th August

The resurfacing schemes listed in the previous email will be delivered by our contractor Tarmac, on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council.
The scheduled start dates and durations for the work are all detailed on our website.
The work will be carried out on site Monday – Friday only unless weather causes delays.

Please bear in mind that the programme for the two B1040 schemes and the B1095 is sequential in nature, so delays on one scheme may affect the delivery dates of those following on.

Please note that due to the deep excavation being carried out to repair the road, four of the schemes in this year’s package will be delivered under a 24/7 closure.
This means that for the duration of the work the road won’t be available as a through route for traffic or emergency vehicles.

The first scheme to commence will be the B1040 Ramsey Road on 12th August, the A1101 Mildenhall will follow on a week later on the 19th August, once the work on the B1382 is complete.
I am aware this work will cause disruption to local stakeholders, we will however be working closely with our contractor to reduce this as much as possible. We have set up a dedicated email address and phone number for the duration of the work, these will go ‘live’ shortly, in addition we have also created our own web page. Emails and phone calls will all be responded to within 24hrs of receipt. Letters will be sent out to local businesses and residents two weeks in advance. Prior to the work commencing, a CCC officer and member of Tarmac will also be visiting any businesses located within the extents of each scheme to discuss both the delivery process and any concerns they may have regarding access arrangements.
The following is a link to the web page that has been created for this year’s EHA package –
In the first instance please direct all enquiries to this page. Overview locations for each of the five schemes are included, along with a downloadable copy of each diversion route –

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Beware Another Telephone Scam Doing The Rounds..

I have this morning received two consecutive telephone calls from residents of a village in South Cambs warning about a telephone scam. It sounds like the call was probably automated but it warned the resident that £600 was about to be taken from their Mastercard unless they pressed 1 to connect to a case handler.

Whilst these incidents were both in the same local area, it is likely that the scammers are working through a list organised by geographical area/postcode and therefore there is a strong chance this scam will at some point rear its ugly head in your local area. Please be vigilant to this and pass the message on so that others can be vigilant too.

If you receive a call like this simply hang up and do not press any number instructed in the message as this will likely result in a substantial connection charge or connect you to someone who is very persuasive or threatening.
Report the call to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Thank you for your continued support.

Charlotte Homent.
Community Protection Manager.
Cambridgeshire County Council.

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Well Done Again WTC For Another MOTS

Music On The Square – a few hundred happy people enjoyed another ‘Free’ event today.

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Well – Well – Look Who Got A Parking Ticket….

Further to my post yesterday re – Good Neighbours – Not So Good neighbours, sometime between last night and this morning the offending ‘Renault’ received a ‘Parking Ticket’ when and by whom – who knows…..Its done.
When I passed by late this afternoon the ‘Renault’ was no longer there…..

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Advise – Dealing with Noisy Neighbours….

From our friends at Peterborough NHW Group.

Advice on Dealing with Noisy Neighbours
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WTC Present – Music – On – The – Square – Today

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The Hermitage Fete

Wonderful and lots of hard work put into this now annual event, Gail Thorey and her team make the event another venue not to miss…
Whilst there nice to meet and catch up with many residents at The Hermitage … ‘
Sun Hill’ (John) 87 – born, schooled (to 14) and lived and worked in Coates most of his life….sharp as a pencil!.

Violet Ellington (not a resident) came to Coates in 1946 and has lived in the same house on South Green for over 65 years – recently celebrated her 90th – the Pub next door to her was known as ‘The Rat Hole’ – I wonder why! (Stag & Hounds) and nice to see Mrs Hurst wife of ex Barclays Bank manager Clarence….
Fantastic history and nostalgia.

Nearly 100 raffle prizes!!!!
Well done again to Gail and her team…


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Good Neighbours – Not So Good neighbours

This afternoon at The Hermitage Fete – another excellent event – Parking Wars started again in Whittlesey. The Silver Renault parked on Double Yellow Lines (No Disabled Card Visible) directly in front of a residents entrance. When said resident could not easily access or enter his property he not only blocked the Renault from behind – he got a ‘friend’ to block the Renault from the front…..

Now who is right and who is wrong….the answer is ‘both’
The Renault is known to live only a couple of streets away – why park on double yellows (No Disabled Card Visible) blocking the entrance.
The Householder who is blocked could just squeeze into his driveway with some difficulty

Why not just put a polite notice on the Renault windscreen explaining is problem/issue…..
This what is now regular ‘Cowboy Parking’ which was raised at FDC’s meeting on Wednesday and reported in the Cambs Times.

Has the two ‘illegal’ vehicles on Station Road yet been addressed (reported on several occasions) been removed – NO (as of today)

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Whittlesey & District NHW AGM

This Wednesday @ 7pm at Whittlesey Town Council Offices, Grosvenor Road, Whittlesey.
Through side gate – up the stairs. Everyone is welcome.

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