Sorry – Can Not Wait Another 35 Years…




From my previous post… I and (1) Whittlesey Town Councillor are trying to encourage Fenland District Council (FDC) to ‘catch up’ with other authorities and start to install Electric Vehicle Charging Points, as I’ve said before the Government has an enormous amount of cash to get this of the ground.

Only asking (for now) 1 EV point in each town. I thought !!! – that WTC were adopting a ‘Clean Air Policy’ under the remit of the Neighbourhood Plan – well here’s a start for you.

Here is what London is doing at present….

Working with partners, we have now installed 100 new electric vehicle rapid charge points, some exclusively for taxis and others for rapid charging cars and vans. Rapid charge points can charge an electric vehicle battery in 20-30 minutes. This is quicker than regular charge points that can take 7-8 hours for a full charge.

We plan to install 150 rapid charging points by the end of 2018.
This is part of our commitment to help Londoners breathe cleaner air.

Sorry I am far too old and won’t be here in 35 years time…

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After 35 Years – Success – Job Done

Well maybe not as long as waiting for the Kings Dyke Bridge – but finally ‘Double Yellow Lines’ on Church Street outside of Park House.
It was 35+ years ago – I was one of the ‘3’ campaigners who got some of the other Yellow Lining on Church Street/Ramsey Road – Now we have to wait and see if the ‘parking issue’ has moved further along the road.
No more having to drive on the ‘wrong side’ of the road – not being able to see HGV’s or Busses  coming through the Letter ‘B’ cut – 35 years – of lobbying -got there in the end.

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Talk about Must Farm @ Flag Fen

On arriving at the visitors centre – some NOT Bronze Aged person(s) have deposited a good amount of Fly-Tipped Rubbish – come on Peterborough clear it up please.
A good attendance by around 80 or so people – Not many from Whittlesey and No Whittlesey councillor (They would be at another meeting in March I presume!)
An excellent insight of the beginnings of finding Must Farm through to today.
You will notice from The Flag Fen – Mimic Map – there is already a house to display The Must Farm Boats.
No mention about the future storing of artefacts other than Peterborough Museum.
No mention of any lottery bid or a heritage centre in Whittlesey – that’s not to say it won’t happen – just no mention of it this evening.

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Good to see the Contractors Out…

Peterborough started a week or so ago, and good to see Fenlands contractors starting tidying up the grassed areas – they made a decent job or our estate for the first cut and spent just that bit of extra time to make the job well done.
Plenty of complaints in previous years – but to give them credit they were pretty good last year and if they carry on with a bit of extra attention I’m sure they won’t get the complaints they’ve had previously.

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Nice Try – But Not Biting….

I thought yesterdays announcement of the NECCA AGM might provoke an e-mail or two – and it did!!!!!… The question being would ‘I’ be attending. –  err NO to attend you have to pay ‘money’ to be a member and I don’t believe in that at all – so since I stress once more – Independent – I can not possibly belong to ‘any’ political organisation.

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North East Cambs Conservative Association – AGM

The conservatives have their AGM tomorrow night in March. Hopefully for the benefit of ‘local’ democracy the ‘silly’ system brought in to select ‘local’ candidates will be discussed.

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Coming soon – My visit to The Saxon Pit

I an very grateful to the owners, operators and Mr Joe Jennings Chairman of The Whittlesey Business Forum for inviting me to visit and be taken around the facility operated by East Midlands Waste Management – My article coming will be as it happened, what I saw, and some of the questions I asked no more or less than what I saw on the day.

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Talk by Dave Park @ Jenner Health Centre

I was the only member of the New Queen Street Surgery Patients Participation Group to attend. An interesting talk covering Principles and Values of the NHS at a local level.
One fact Dave stated was the disparity age difference of life expectancy between those living in central Peterborough being 10 years less than someone living in Northborough.
There was 13 people in attendance of which 4 belonged to the Health Centre.

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FDC Planners Visit – Morleys Garage/Petrol Station Site

As in the norm, FDC planning committee members are bussed to visit certain applications to physically look over the potential development.


Today on their ‘tour’ they will be visiting the ‘Old Morleys’ Site – which has been an eyesore for many years as an entrance into our town.
There are objections to this proposed development – which again were covered in my previous article.

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Patients Group Forum – Jenner Health Centre – Tonight.

The Jenner PPG has invited anyone that would like to attend to a meeting at their surgery on Wednesday 21st March at 7 pm when a talk is being given by David Parkes of the Greater Peterborough Patient Forum.

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