NHW Week

Monday marks the start of Neighbourhood Watch Week 2019 where we’ll be celebrating the amazing work our volunteers do in their communities. We’ll be looking at areas where you expect Neighbourhood Watch to operate in and around (burglary) as well as some more unexpected ones (knife violence and social isolation).

Our message this year is that when it comes to Neighbourhood Watch, there is #MoreThanYouExpect.

To kick start the week we have today launched Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration, a collection of the most innovative work being undertaken by our volunteers across England and Wales.

The database contains examples of how Neighbourhood Watch groups are changing their communities for the better. In each case, volunteers explain how they developed their project, the impact it had on their community and how they overcame any challenges.

Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration allows users to contact the author of each example with the hope of generating fruitful conversations between members.

Get involved!
Stay connected with Neighbourhood Watch on  Whittlesey NHW Website


We in Whittlesey ran our campaign of Scam Awareness a few weeks ago which was fairly successful, and if there is further interest we shall run something similar again.

Message Sent By
William Murphy (NHWN, Administrator, England and Wales)
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Growing Fenland – Report & Consultation

I and several other Councillors and Public have had NO input in this document.
Some WTC/FDC Councillors were involved as too the Whittlesey Business Forum representative.

I have read the interim report ……. Click Here

The report is poor in quality and depth, evidence and errors.
The key concerns being health, self harming, single parents – these should be prioritised, not the ‘enhancements’ of the Market Place…or making Market Street a pedestrian zone.
It does not mention peoples perception on being safe, law & order, or drug concerns amongst our young people.

History – we used to a one way system through Market Street !!!! –  The authorities can not police or enforce parking concerns at present let alone in the future.
The monitoring or air quality is not as good as it could be.

The writers/consultants are swaying the questions – to the answers they are looking for.

It is an opportunity for All & Everyone to have an input – but please read the associated document first – takes around 20 minutes…..https://www.fenland.gov.uk/media/15675/Growing-Fenland—Whittlesey-Interim-Report/pdf/Whittlesey_Interim_Report_-_FINAL_VERSION.pdf

As usual it is NOT a wish list.

I have heard of some who have read the report – not being bothered to answer the questionnaire.

Survey Click Here

What it also misses is All the current ‘challenges’ our town has at present and a prime example being the Kings Dyke Crossing – No one is taking responsibility for this travesty.

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A Grand Day Out – Whittlesey – Sunday 16th June

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WTC Planning Meeting/Agenda Monday 17th June

Planning Agenda 17th June 2019
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Well I have something to celebrate…

Tonight my web-blog reached the dizzy number of 1 Million Hits (1,000,000) I do not claim to be a teenage You-Tube® Star, but from the simple beginnings, my audience has steadily increased.

It is the ‘only’ place in the area, that the public can get ‘real’ reports and information, not hearsay and not false news. There are occasions when information that I am given is not true, but this happens all over media, I hope that 99% of the time the Information & News
published here is correct.

Congratulations go to !!!! !!!! a prize will be coming your way.

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Serious Time for MP Barclay to Call Cambs CC to Account

Today everyone and his dog has had ‘disappointment’ in the news about the ‘Cost & Delay’ to the Kings Dyke Crossing. Only this Wednesday night as reported on my web-blog – County Councillor David Connor had NO update on the project other than as todays statement from CCC that ‘It was still in the design stage’ – this has been the stock answer for months and months and months – remember the project started in 2013.

I having been reporting on the project since it’s latest incarnation (2013), with todays news, I am many others believe not only has Cambs County Council seriously mismanaged the complete project, but it should be time now to hold those responsible to account, whether it be Councillors or those employed to deliver the project.

We have had brave Councillors who promised to deliver the project on time and on budget!!!!!

I for once agree with Metro Mayor James Palmer – someone has to get a serious grip on this, we minions at WTC have very little influence or power unfortunately – but I will continue to Lobby hard on behalf of ALL of Whittlesey.

We started at £13M, then £21M, then £28M, then £31M and now ‘somewhere’ near £40
The longer the delay the more the project will cost.

MP Barclay and Mayor Palmer have the ‘power’ to call the County Council to account.

When the LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) started to become uncontrolled MP Barclay had a big influence in its closing.

From the purchase of land (which a local Chartered Surveyor advised it should have been compulsory purchased) – Why did not the CC employ a specialist Project Management Company with experience in this type of Build, the company could be held to account and costs.

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Kings Dyke Crossing Delayed

See Peterborough Telegraph for story

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WTC Meeting – Wednesday 12th June Report Part I

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Prior to the Full Council meeting there were presentations of cheques on behalf of the Mayors Charities.

Young Peoples Counselling Service              The Alzheimer Society





The agenda last nights meeting was published on this web-blog  07th June – see below.
Click Here to see Agenda

10  members of the public present + County Councillor David Connor

Councillors apologies – Cllr Mason, Cllr Munns & Cllr Lang-Whiston

County Cllr David Connor gave updates on :-
Kings Dyke Crossing – There is No Update The County Council along with the Metro-Mayor (Palmer) are still in talks with ‘Kier Construction’™ about the design. Councillors asked whether an official statement could be made as none had been made for a number of months.
Ongoing road repairs, including some pot-holes being completed.
The Kings Delph Porta-Loo Cambs CC will part fund for another 12 months.
Road repairs to Ramsey Road (B1040) will take place 03rd – 30th Aug.

Public Forum –
Concerns about Allotment conditions.
Litter Picks by Whittlesey Street Pride
Issues with road vegetation in Eastrea

Terse summary of other business –

New Council Offices – Builders took control 21st May – Public & Schools are asked to give a ‘Name’ for the refurbished building. Expected completion 20th Aug. Official opening 29th Sept.
Donation of the generator to local football club.
Kings Delph Toilet – I made a case for the KD – Councillors agreed to part fund with FDC & CCC for 12 months.
Environment – Cllr Dorling highlighted concerns for future air quality in our area, No EV points in Fenland (Electric Vehicle charging points), and the lack of Tree Planting, both Cllr Boden and myself spoke about the lack of co-ordinated/joined up approach. I stated that there had been thousands of ‘Free’ trees available and the take up was extremely poor.

Ward Matters – Speeding highlighted along Bellmans Road, Environmental concerns and poor condition of Whittlesea Railway Station and surrounding area.
Grassing cutting over the whole of the Whittlesey area, Parking around Schools.
(Cllr Boden (FDC Leader) stated that the ‘Parking concerns and issues’ were being looked at – but could not make any further statement)

I raised the ‘Caravan’ parked behind the ‘George’ – which FDC Street Scene Officer has been on the case. I also highlight the on-going poor Grass cutting (or lack of) recently (before the poor weather started). Complaint(s) about the state of The Bower pathway and overgrown vegetation (an annual issue).

Appointment to Outside bodies – Councillors were appointed to –
Glassmore Bank Wind Farm
Burnthouse Wind Farm
Whittlesey Emergency Food Aid
Community Care Scheme
Rural CAB
Community Rail Partnership
Family & Childrens Centre
Mud Walls Group
Must Farm
Christmas Extravaganza
Whittlesey Festival
Allotments Society
Growing Fenland

There were no items of a confidential nature.
The meeting finished after 22:00
The next Full Council meeting is on Wednesday 11th July

I am Roy Gerstner – Whittlesey Town Councillor
for the ward St Mary’s South.
My contact details are on the top toolbar.

If you have issues or concerns outside of my ward area, please contact your own Councillor, details are available on the
Whittlesey Town Council Website. Click Here

E&OE – I very occasionally made an error or mistake, if I am advised  – I am more than happy to make any correction – Thank you.
©Roy Gerstner

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Age UK – Further Information

I’ve been asked to publish the document regarding ‘Visiting Support Service for Older People’  – As can be seen on Page 2 there are many ways to make direct contact.

Click on picture to enlarge – Click a 2nd time to further enlarge.
















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News And Convictions Weekly Roundup

Please find below a round-up of last week’s convictions and news relating to Fenland. If you wish to see all news please visit the news section on our website https://www.cambs.police.uk/news-and-appeals/news-and-appeals.

Man arrested on suspicion of car theft
A man has been arrested in Wisbech this morning (June 6) in connection with keyless car thefts.

Officers executed the warrant at a garage unit in the Wisbech St Mary before arresting the man at a property in Wisbech.


Ammonia-throwing drug dealer jailed
A drug dealer threw ammonia in a woman’s face following a dispute over a mobile phone and £30.

Daniel Cockerill, 28, approached a car in Norwich Street, Wisbech, at about 8am on 24 June last year, leaned in the window brandishing a knife and a plastic bottle containing ammonia, and demanded £30.


Kind regards,
Corporate Communications

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