Trends this Week-end

Well – other than the debacle about ‘Grass Cutting’ in Whittlesey – I did receive an unusual amount of e-mails on the subject, the other contentious issues revolve around more and more Houses – I have heard numbers ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 (You read correctly)

Plus ‘The Dragon’ will be coming to Fenland/Whittlesey – when – who know’s!

More comment over these and other concerns later into the week-end.

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Further Update on Connie’s Charity Walk

Total now stands at £325:00 for The Sue Ryder Foundation – Thorpe Hall – Thanks to all who donated to this very good cause.

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In Memoriam

Walter Gerstner 1925 – 2013 passed away peacefully on this day.

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Afternoon Music – Sunday 27th May

Click on Picture to enlarge:-

Future events:-
Wisbech Armed Forces Day 
Wisbech Town Centre
Sunday 24th June at 12:45-1:45 

Ramsey Village Green
Sunday 1st July, 2:30-4:30 

Whittlesey Music Festival
Sunday 9th September 


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Planning Meeting @ WTC This Afternoon

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Just myself and Mr Brent Warner (Postland Developments) as members of the public at this afternoons meeting.
Cllr Mrs Rita Jolly was re-elected Chair and Cllr Ray Whitwell Vice Chair.
Unfortunately Cllr Jolly was absent due to an accident.

A couple of contentious items on the agenda (See previous posting).
1/ F/YR18/0409F Erection of up to 25 dwellings (outline application with all matters reserved) at land South of 127 – 141 Coates Road Coates (Eastrea on the agenda is incorrect).
Mr Warner – The developer gave a presentation on reasons for the application to proceed.
The WTC planning committee had a fairly robust discussion on this application, the committee was minded that Eastrea and Coates are getting closer and closer.
Coates has already reached the thresh-hold in the amount of housing required.
Concerns about school places.
Whittlesey Town Council Planning Committee recommended ‘Refusal’

2/ F/YR18/0128 Reserved Matters on the Old Westhaven Nursey site A605
(I covered the objections from the Kings Dyke Nature Reserved in a previous post)
A good debate took place, highlighting that there had been a lot of objections to the development – it already has ‘Outlined Permission’ –
One of the main objections was that of the ‘buffer zone’ between housing and Nature Reserve and the Fencing to protect wild-life in the Nature Reserve.
Whittlesey Town Council Planning Committee recommended ‘Grant’ with above conditions.

If you would like to know a bit more on the basic planning process –
Click Here for more information

Note:- Whittlesey Town Council are consultees on planning matters –
he authority making the decisions on planning is Fenland District Council – who have a dedicated Planning Department, Planning Officers and their own Planning Committee.
Some Whittlesey ‘District’ Councillors sit on the FDC Planning Committee.
FDC on occasions overturn what-ever recommendations Whittlesey Town Council has decided and give reasons why they have made their determination.
Members of the public can on occasions carry as much weight in promoting or objecting to Planning Applications.

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Success – Thanks to Many – The Grass Has Been Cut

After lobbying and asking CC David Connor for his help and receiving Cllr David Masons e-mail (previous post) as to ‘why’ the contractors were having problems.
Our grass has at last been cut (I was out at the time) – I am NOT complaining it is a lot better now than before and I dare say giving another cut or two will look a bit more presentable.
We pay our taxes and rates and expect a reasonable service in return – generally we do get good services from our Council – and I have to say after lobbying many – I/we have had a result – Thanks to ALL




Before                                                                       After

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Another ‘FREE’ Event for ALL – KDNR

Kings Dyke Nature Reserve are holding several ‘FREE’ events.
KDNR Events Poster 2018

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Grass Cutting and Weed Killing Our Part of Whittlesey

My neighbours and I have been concerned for around 8 days, as we are well ‘overdue’ (May 14th) our estate being maintained – we have not seen or heard the ‘ISS’ Group Lawnmower or (strimmer occasionally if we’re lucky).
Our frontage is a mess to say the least – parts of the grass and weeds are 18 inches – with more large weeds by the day.
Yesterday I met with Cllr David Connor for a catch up and he was on the case strait away (many thanks).
I in turn sent an e-mail to the contractors ‘ISS’ asking them ‘if’ we had been missed out….
By this morning no response from anyone. So I sent another e-mail to my own Councillors and to the Manager of Open Spaces (alas he is out of office until 04th June).

Cllr David Mason came back very quickly (thank you) – with the following:-

Thank you for highlighting the problems of grass cutting in Ashline Grove.
Perhaps I can throw some light on the situation surrounding grass cutting generally in Whittlesey at the present time.
As District Councillor for your area and Churchwarden at St Andrews Church where we have experienced similar problems to your own in Ashline Grove last week I enquired of Peter Murphy the reasons why the grass cutting had appeared to have gone awry.

Apart from the usual problems of rapid grass growth at this time of year Fenland District Council’s contractors, ISS, have unfortunately experienced seven separate break ins at their pound in March  and whilst they have been replacing lost mowers, strimmers etc as fast as they can the schedules have taken a beating.
I am sure that now you know the facts you will fully appreciate the situation and will inform your neighbours etc accordingly.

Thank you for your anticipated patience and I can assure you that ISS are doing all they can to catch up on their work.
Yours sincerely
Cllr David K M Mason
St Andrew District

So at least ‘we’ know what the problem is – however I have to ask (As I do)
Last year ‘ISS’ suffered several break-ins of their storage facilities.
Now we are informed that ‘ISS’ have suffered 7 break-ins this year alone –
Knock, Knock, Knock – ‘is’ anyone there – you do not have to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to work this out – maybe I should draw a ‘picture’
That still does not solve our issues of looking like Bagdad on a bad day *No disrespect to Bagdad* – Even if/when the grass does get looked at it will be a mess – given the length it is.
Today several of my friends saw the Cambs CC contractor with his ‘Weed Killer Bowser’ – well he was ‘squirting it’ not where it should have been going – I say ‘squirt’ more like a dribble….. I think I should start writing comedy parodies – it almost makes me want to put my head in a bucket of sand…..still we are only talking about Grass and Weeds –

Worse things happen at sea – and I’ve been there too……

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Beware – Another Scam Hits Whittlesey

Thanks to those who contacted me about a scam e-mail from PayPal
Easy one to spot…
No name just Dear
Punctuation error
Spelling error

I have removed the link which they want you to click on….and it had no resemblance to a PayPal address…

Your account has been suspended
Dear ,
Access your account to remove the account limitaion. Log in to your account and update you billing and payment information

Please update and confirm your account records to lift all the limitation and access every available feature.

Yours sincerely,

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Revised Planning Meeting – Wednesday 23rd May

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