I am ‘Proud to have worked for the ‘Mouse’

The phase – Mickey Mouse Company – Mickey Mouse Government is a phase used to indicate Intellectually unchallenging or simple.
I was and still am very ‘proud’ to have been a Senior Engineer at The Walt Disney Company™ for 6 years prior to my retiring and it did not apply to that phrase.

Tomorrow Mr Mickey Mouse will be 90 years old – and from a simple idea $£ Billions have been made.
The Disney Corporation™ is one of the most successful companies globally and is still making £$ Billions.

I am also very proud in that ‘My Team’ of Engineers and Electricians – Made Millions of Peoples ‘Dreams Come True’ – to see thousands of children so ‘Happy’ every day – along with Mums & Dads reliving their own childhood was very satisfying.
Disney like many American companies – do not employ ‘fool’s – every week a multitude of employees – departed their employ – work hard, play by the rules and you would be rewarded.



One of my major ‘challenges’ was the ‘pro-active’ maintenance of the Multi $$$Million
Walt Disney Theatre – one of (and still is) the most Technical Theatres in the world.
Headaches – I had plenty – but Disney had money – and everything had to work (safely) 100% of the time.
So although I may not make your dreams come true today – who knows what the future holds….
Walt Disney was a man with ‘ vision’ and I am looking for that man or woman here in Whittlesey – if you know them – put me in contact.

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No Insurance Spotted – Policing

This morning our PCSO spotted a vehicle driving erratically, he checked it out on the Police Database and found it was not taxed/insured or MOT’d.
He called for a uniform officer to assist and one came within 5 minutes to arrest said driver (Female) – who had children in the vehicle.

Hopefully the CPS will take a stern view on this irresponsible driver.
The vehicle was seized.

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Covert ! – Camera’s Spotted….

After a big increase in Fly-Tipping in/around Whittlesey/Villages – ‘someone’ put these camera’s up near The Field of Dreams/Cycle Route 63, they were not there for very long – we suspect they were ‘stolen’?

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Beware Of Cold Calling … Whittlesey

Today (Friday) – I’d like to inform you that there is a ‘Cold Calling Company’ offering to install ‘monitored burglar alarms’ in Whittlesey and will be calling from Monday next week.

Cold calling is not illegal. However, any trader that ignores a sticker or notice on your door stating that you do not wish to receive cold calls may be committing a criminal offence. …

So please be aware, I have spoken with all my elderly neighbours, who are pretty savvy – however it is better to inform them than not. If you are not interested please tell them so.

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Well Done MP Barclay – A Job No One Wants…..

MP Steve Barclay steadily rising up the ranks of government, was today promoted to ‘Brexit Secretary’ which hit the major news & TV – with ‘The little known MP’ – went on to say he represented Wisbech, Chatteris March & Manea (BBC News @ 6pm) with no mention of Whittlesey – why are we ‘nearly always’ left out – why is it ‘we’ are not as important as the other market towns.
I also picked up that Cllrs from Wisbech and March had been asked to comment on Mr Barclays promotion – but none from Whittlesey.
Is it now high time ‘we’ should consider who we wish to be aligned/part off and as a suggestion we need not look too far !!!!!
For those who complain we don’t see much of MP Barclay – well I think we shall see even less of him – Good luck to him – has he taken on The Poison Chalice.

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Rotary Whittlesey – Smoke Alarm Initiative

If you know of an elderly or vulnerable person who may benefit from a visit by our local fire service and if needed be fitted with a smoke detector/alarm, please contact Rotary Whittlesey      Click Here

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WTC Meeting Wednesday 14th November 2018 (Part 2)

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Associated documents made available to the public at last nights Town Council meeting.
Notable is the substantial increase in Fly-Tipping in/around Whittlesey – as you may be aware I have posted on many occasions this issue….is it a temporary blip or is to be a long term increase – in which case councillors need to ask for more and better monitoring and assistance from Fenland District Council.













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WTC Meeting Wednesday 14th November 2018 (Part 1)

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

11 Councillors present, apologies from Cllrs Jolley, Wicks and Garratt.
9 Members of the public and County Cllr David Connor.

Presentation to local Kick Boxing Association.




2/Presentation by Mr Laurence Seaton President of Rotary Whittlesey, about partnership with the Fire Service to install ‘Smoke Alarms/Detectors’ in the Whittlesey area.
Through his company ‘Buttercross Auctions’ he offered the council donations of furniture and other household items for the (2) Flats on top of the ‘new’ council building for the Syrian refugee’s who maybe arriving in the new year.
Rotary are supporting ‘No Pain/No Gain’ and Whittlesey Youth Counselling Service.

1/ Police Matters, Cllr’s Windle & Mason had a meeting with Sgt Lugg about various issues and concerns within Whittlesey.

2/ Public Forum – I thanked the Council, Royal British Legion and others involved in Sunday’s commemoration of Armistice Day.
I brought up yet again the on-going issues of NO painted on our Zebra Crossings and other lining problems in town – I highlighted that other Fenland towns had been done this year – but not Whittlesey.

I brought up another on-going issue of ‘Discarded Road Signs’ left for months by contractors. Over the years ‘we’ have found dozens upon dozens of Road Signs
Update @ 15th/10:15 – Somone in a Truck is collecting Road Signs around Whittlesey.
Fantastic News at last…. that’s until the next time…..

Cllr David Connor, who sat beside me – was given the opportunity of reply:
The ‘Paint’ for Whittlesey had been looked into, and costing had been done
(Update £6450) – however — now that the weather has become wet and damp!!! the cost would be greater due to heating required to dry the paint…..However he did say that the ‘Zebra’s will be done – but gave not date. He asked me if I could give him locations of the discarded Road Signs. (Update :- See above)

He informed the council about the updated ‘finances’ of the Kings Dyke Crossing – and mentioned that at this time, ‘The Land had still not been purchased’ but hoped it would be – as any further details could result in the cost of the project…..?

I am gob smacked about the ‘Paint’ issues – this has been on-going for over 6 months both at WTC and with Cllr Connor (NO Money) – well I hate to say this but wait until an accident occurs. Initially the cost I was told was £5000 – it now ‘appears’ to have increased!!!
I have sent Cllr Connor a list of where 10 discarded Road Signs are in the town.
(See above – result)
Mr Bernard Grey-Esson, also thanked and congratulated those for Sundays events in the Town & Villages. He also brought up the for-ever issues of no toilet facilities at Kings Delph. (Update : Permission has been obtained to install the toilet).
He also mentioned that Ramsey Road to Pondersbridge re-surfacing he was informed had run out of money and only a part of the road had been completed.

3/ Other items on the agenda discussed – briefly :-

a/ There are on-going meeting in regards to the A605 Whittlesey being designated at HCV route, many believe this should not be so and should be re-classified.
b/ There are on-going meeting in regards to The Market Town Strategy – Cllr Curtis commented that Whittlesey needs a ‘springboard’ not a mirror image of the other Fen Towns.
c/ Must Farm – next meeting with those concerned will be in February.
d/ Property Working Group – (Re-furbishing Old Police Station to New Council Office)
5 Tenders for the work had been received 3 of which were from Whittlesey businesses.
e/ Syrian Refugee’s – It is anticipated that the refurbishment of the flats will be completed by 01st February. (Note Mr Laurence Seatons generous donation of furniture etc)
f/ There is to be a ‘new’ bus stop along A605/Peterborough Road – hopefully near the old Westhaven Nursery site.
g/ Whittlesey Railway Station, is to get another ‘Ticket machine’ although the one which was installed recently – prints tickets of a very low quality.
An information board maybe coming in 2019.
The issue of ‘poor lighting’ was mentioned (again).
The much wanted and anticipated ‘Hourly Service’ is not coming in the near future.

There was a somewhat funny discussion about recent events at the ‘New’ Council Offices.
Cllr Miscandlon informed that though the working group, he had a meeting with a contractor to clear the site of any scrap metal and bulk items.
He informed that ‘he’ had drilled a hole in the fuel tank and removed approximately 40 litres of ‘Red Diesel’ – so that the contractor could dismantle the tank and could be used for the contractors onsite of the building.
There was some debate then as – if he had been ‘correct’ in doing this, as any ‘assets’ were ‘Publically’ owned, along with a Diesel Generator, which he stated was never used in anger and was installed in 1994.
Cllr Curtis questioned that everything should be ‘transparent’ due to the nature of the ‘assets’ – Cllr Miscanlon had discussed this with the Property Working Group.

Even if the generator is quite old – I would imagine it has been very well maintained until the Police Station closed and depending on its power would still be worth money – surely this should be valued before ‘selling’ it for scrap.
Red diesel can be used by contractors on site – for their plant and machinery – 40 litres !!!

Next meeting will be on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Macular Disease

This includes many here in our area, friends and relations and maybe ourselves one day.

Every day, over 200 people are diagnosed with macular disease. It’s the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK.

Macular disease is cruel and isolating. It steals your sight, your independence, and your ability to do the things you love. Our short film, 5 years through the eyes of a mum, illustrates this by showing the impact of macular disease on a mother and her son, as he grows up.

Macular disease can affect people of any age — even children — but not enough is known about why, and there is still no cure. We produced this film to let people know that, while there is no cure for macular disease, there are things you can do to look after your eyes. An eye test can spot the early signs of macular disease and help you retain your precious sight.
There is only one way to Beat Macular Disease for good. We must fund much more research now, until we find a cure, or find treatments that stop it in its tracks.
Have a look at the video:-

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Public need confidence in politicians !!!!

I’ve been ‘asked’ to comment about the recent affair regarding Cllr Simon King (Wisbech).

I have no problem what-so-ever in addressing comments made to me about this affair.
(1) As reported – Councillor Simon King has been found guilty of breaching the code of conduct at Fenland District Council.
He had claimed over £1,500 in expenses he was not entitled – (Cllr King had falsely claimed excessive mileage for some of his journeys).

FDC Conduct committee decided to issue Cllr King with a formal reprimand.
(A slap on the wrist) This in itself is limp to say the least – but it is all that the Conduct committee can do.

We have endured ‘Politicians’ from all parties being caught up in expenses scandals,
most pleading innocence that ‘they’ had done nothing wrong.
Just recently MPs who are accused of cheating on their expenses will be able to remain anonymous under rules it has emerged, just after a record ban was handed to Ian Paisley after he went holidays funded by Sri Lankan Government.
The Government is being grossly unfair to the electorate by doing this.
Be it MP’s ‘fiddling’ £thousands or be it local politicians ‘fiddling’ £hundreds – it is the same – illegal, corrupt and dirty.

Cllr King always insisted he was innocent of the accusation that he had breached the councillors’ code of conduct over inaccurate expense claims for mileage.

Now we are told that the NorthEast Cambs Conservative Association have ‘suspended’ him for 6 months the maximum allowed. Although there was no criminal case brought by the Police/CPS – (probably because of costs) – it remains that Cllr King has done a great deal of damage not only to himself but those aligned to him.
It allows (at present) him to remain a Councillor and to seek re-selection and stand at next Mays local elections if he so wishes.

Speaking to a ‘senior’ Conservative Councillor recently – he agreed with me, that this incident does nothing for public to be confident in their councillors – the public tend to treat all politicians with some distain.

I would hope that the majority of councillors are honest, hard working politicians, and that they realise the responsibility of their position – it’s the few that give everyone a bad name.

I have known and been involved in meetings with Cllr Simon King for many years, I always found him to be engaging, happy and jovial – I never saw him upset, aggressive or belittling at any time.

I have never given or been offered any inducement (brown envelopes) in my life.

I hope I am never in a position that ‘someone’ thinks they can buy my opinions or services.

It is another reason I remain ‘Independent’ – I am accountable to the electorate not to a political party.

I am wholly accountable to the electorate.

I am not a serving councillor. (I am an ex councillor)

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