Meetings Tonight

Unfortunately I am unable to attend this evenings Patients Participation Group Meeting at
The New Queen Street Surgery as it clashes with the meetings below.

I will be attending the Finance & Policy WTC Meeting, followed by The WTC Planning Committee Meeting.

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Too Much Weed My Friend….

I don’t smoke and do not condone any form of smoking – but whilst on holiday recently was somewhat taken back by the vast ‘amount’ that marijuana sales generating both legally and illegally in the Western States.
Maybe instead of trying to scrape together a couple of million £££ for the Kings Dyke Bridge/Crossing, Cambs CC could bring in an innovative way of raising much more….!!!!
(a parody on my behalf).
My friend pictured here in San Bernardino just goes to show what legalising weed has done to many….
Need I say more.

California is on track to post a record $3.1 billion in licensed cannabis sales this year, solidifying its status as the largest legal marijuana market in the world, according to a study released Thursday by financial analysts who advise the industry.

Legal sales are up significantly from an approximate $2.5 billion in 2018, the first year of licensed cannabis sales in California, according to the analysis by sales-tracking firms Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics. After a rocky start in 2018, retailers that have survived California’s tough licensing, testing and packaging regulations are “battle hardened” and stronger because of an influx of investment that has allowed them to take advantage of the state’s large population and pent-up demand for legal products, said Tom Adams, managing director and principal analyst for BDS Analytics.

“Any market in the world would be ecstatic about a 23% growth rate,” Adams said. “That is fabulous for any industry to have that kind of growth.’’

But California’s black market for marijuana continues to flourish as high taxes and a refusal by most cities to allow licensed shops makes it cheaper and easier for people to buy from illicit dealers, he said. An estimated $8.7 billion is expected to be spent in the illegal cannabis market in 2019 — more than double the amount of legal sales.

Have a good week-end

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Ref Volunteering Below – The H&S Regarding Shoveling S…..Snow

Shoveling, even pushing a heavy snow blower, can cause sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate, and the cold air can cause constriction of the blood vessel and decrease oxygen to the heart. All these work in concert to increase the work of the heart and trigger a potentially fatal heart attack.

Community gritting training pack


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North Bank All Clear – Re-Opened @ 2pm Saturday

North Bank All Clear and re-opened at 2pm this afternoon – Saturday.
This is a message from the Environment Agency.

Flood Warning no longer in force: North Bank Road alongside the River Nene, east of Peterborough and west of Dog-in-a-Doublet Sluice.

The situation is improving and no further flooding is expected in this area.

Flood Warnings and Alerts may still be in force for surrounding areas.
The River Nene has being falling steadily today, and tide lock is no longer causing high water levels today, Saturday 19 October. We do not expect any further localised flooding of North Bank Road alongside the River Nene, East of Peterborough and the west of Dog-in-a-Doublet Sluice . 

What you should consider doing now

* Flood water may still be around for several days. Take care as there may be hidden dangers in the flood water like sharp objects, raised manhole covers and pollution.

* If you have been flooded, ring your buildings and contents insurance company as soon as possible. In almost all cases they will send a loss adjuster to look at your property. They will confirm what repairs and replacements are needed and covered by your policy.

* For more advice on what to do after a flood visit the GOV.UK website:

* Or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.
To check the latest information for your area

* Visit the GOV.UK website to see the current flood warnings, view river and sea levels or check the 5-day flood risk forecast:

* Or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 using quickdial code: 307121.

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More Volunteering – This Is A new One !!!!!

Community Gritting Word Form
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Correction Date of Next WS Meeting

The correct date for the next Whittlesey Society Meeting is:

Monday 11th November 2019 @ 7:30pm – Whittlesey Town Hall

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Ex Head Master to Retire

Mr Jonathan Digby has announced he will be retiring as of 31st August 2020
He led as Head of Sir Harry Smith Community College from 2008 to 2016 and since has been the CEO of 3 schools (Aspire Learning Trust).

“I have been lucky to work with some wonderful colleagues who have dedicated their lives to helping our children get the very best education that they can. I would like to thank all those who have helped and supported me in all my years both at the College and more recently working with our two primary schools. It has been a team effort and I have learnt so much from colleagues over the last eleven years”

RG – I would like to share my appreciation and thanks to a ‘fantastic’ Head Master – who through his leadership, inspiration and motivation has given many of our children the opportunities that I am sure will help them on the road to becoming young adults.
The ‘team Digby’ has achieved extremely good results.

Jonathan has engaged with so many organisations in our town and has always kept us up to date with the latest developments – Happy retirement.

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Jurassic East Conderence

Jurassic East Conference Flyer
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Extravaganza Is Coming….

9 members of the Whittlesey Extravaganza Committee met last night to bring up to date this year’s event which will be held on:
Saturday 7th December starting 3pm around the Market Place.

Another group of dedicated ‘Volunteers’ who freely give a vast amount of time and effort for the whole of the community to enjoy and have some family fun.

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Saxon Pit Update

Disclaimer : Advice has been obtained regarding the item below, it is in the public domain and as such is a public document.
Full details can be found on Cambridgeshire CC Website :-  by  Clicking Here to CCC

2019 Saxon Pit - CCC


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