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Our recent journey to the US – Washington, the Skyline Drive, the Shenandoah Nation Park and the 500 mile drive along the Blue Ridge Rocky Mountains.
Then westwards to Nashville and I was invited by the senior technician at The Ryman Theatre to see behind the scenes at the original ‘Grand Old Opry’ with its now state of the art sound system.
Ending up in Memphis to visit Graceland – a wonderful experience for us ‘oldies’ and by the way this is a real picture…?

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Trends of the Week .-.-.-

I suppose the long awaited decision on the next phase of the Kings Dyke Crossing – The possible funding by Mayor James Palmer of the considerable short-fall in financing the project. I am ‘told’ that Mayor Palmer may well fulfil he pre-election pledge – that The Bridge will happen, however 2 years ago the costing estimates were no where near what they are today – or next year.
So on the 31st October 10:30 – 12:30 at the Town Hall Bridge Street Peterborough the ‘Board’ of the combined authority have their meeting.

I may well go along – if the public are allowed to attend.
There are No Whittlesey Councillors on the ‘Board’ – however FDC’s Leader Cllr Chris Seaton and CCC Leader Cllr Steve Count do sit on this ‘Board’ and I would hope are supportive of our Bridge project moving forward.




Next – I hear ‘Success’ for the launch of The Green Dog Walkers Scheme, promoted by FDC and Whittlesey NHW – lead member of the scheme Robin Sutton informs me that over 40 members of the public & 63 Dogs have so far signed up for the scheme.
Leaflets are available from WTC Council Office @ Grosvenor Road, Best Friends Vets, Phil’s Mart, Parkers Newsagents and the Not Just Café.
More information + Forms, Joining etc can be found on the Whittlesey NHW Website

I see that development ground works have begun on Church Street @ what was the vehicle recovery centre (Hemmerways) – then to build houses – if not major issues of access and parking along this piece of road historically for more than 20 years is not enough to contend with, there are several junctions within yards of the entry/exit – why I wonder is No one listening or that the Highways Authorities see no issue with developments like this – and if the Government gets it’s way – Planning will be even easier, irrespective of what ever Local Plans may be in effect.

Further to my post a couple of weeks ago – somewhat delayed I see that there is some slow progress in the opening up of our ‘Green/Healthy’ Shop come Café –
‘Antidote’ The gent doing the fixing, informed me it could be a couple of weeks before opening – that’s what I was told last time several weeks ago!


Then there was the much ‘lauded’ publicity about the ‘New LED’ lighting which is coming to Whittlesey Railway Station along with the ‘usual’ photo opportunity for some of those involved.
I am sorry to have to inform those, that I have attended the Hereward Community Rail Partnership meetings for well over 6 years (I was not invited and didn’t expect to be).
However it was ‘my’ suggestion that LED be a cost effective temporary lighting until a more permanent answer was found.
Fine – however this is the WRONG type of LED system that was suggested – no one wanted ‘Cats Eyes’ – we wanted ‘proper LED overhead lighting. }
Was communication an issue – I doubt it….still this maybe better than nothing for those in the dank darkness of our not so nice Railway Station.
By the way I and a few others clear up and litter-pick around the Station area quite regularly. The Station ‘adopter’ who lives in Manea – comes over and keeps the platforms clean and tidy – well done to him.

Next week,  Monday – I’ll be attending the New Queen Street Surgery Patients Participation Group meeting where there will be some breaking news for us patients being announced.
Wednesday The Whittlesey Business Forum have their meeting at the Falcon Hotel – want to network with fellow businesses in our area – this is the place to be @ 18:30

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Some Good News – Kings Dyke Bridge/Crossing

‘Good News’ is hard to come by on the KD Crossing, but things are moving forward.
At Cambs County Council E&E Committee (Economy & Environmental) the decision was passed to go ahead with the scheme as planned.
That said, it is subject to finding the Large (shortfall in funding) – from Metro Mayor
James Palmers Combined Authority – who will be having a meeting of their board to discuss and hopefully make a decision on the 31st October.
Should ‘He/They’ commit to funding the shortfall – The start of the building ‘could be early next near with a completion in 2020.
These are ‘facts’ I have been given this morning, they may not take into account any further ‘slippage’ that may occur….Watch this space..

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What is Ghost Broking – Cambs Police Cyber Ambassadors

Latest from Cambs Cyber Unit.

17-24 year olds most likely to fall victim to motor ‘ghost broking’
Ghost broking is the name given to a tactic used by fraudsters who sell fraudulent car insurance. They typically carry out the fraud by forging insurance documents, or falsify the ‘your details’ to bring the price down or take out a genuine policy, before cancelling it soon after and claiming the refund plus the victim’s money.

Reports reveals that men, aged 20-29, are most likely to get targeted and that the most common method ghost brokers will use to make initial contact with people is through social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Other contact methods include adverts in newspapers and magazines, cold calls and being introduced, either directly or by friends, family members or work colleagues.

For further information visit:

Mr Nigel Sutton (8517)

Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor
Specialist Crime Team (Serious & Organised, Fraud & Cyber)
Intelligence and Specialist Crime Department
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Hinchingbrooke Park|Huntingdon|PE29 6NP

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Got A Car With Keyless/Entry Fob..?

Being an Electronics Engineer for some 40+ years, I have covered a vast amount of both old and new technology, and still try to keep up with technology.
Keyless technology has been around for much longer than you may think, probably 50 years or more in its simple state. Now many devices use this technology including Car Lock & Entry…..Some recent TV footage showed 2 guys steal a Mercedes Benz from outside the owners house in less than 2 minutes. This may or maybe not quite what it seems….only the real experts at the game are capable of this.

We have seen a number cars stolen this week across Peterborough in this way.

5/10 – Hampton – Mercedes stolen without keys – 35/35187/18
8/10 – Stanground – Renault stolen without keys – 35/35831/18
9/10 – Stanground – BMW stolen without keys – 35/36097/18

Owners of high value, desirable cars are advised to take extra precautions. Please read the attached security tips for drivers with keyless entry vehicles

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting the relevant crime number or visit www.contactcambspolice.uk/Report/.
Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111 or via

Further advice on what to do if your vehicle is stolen can be found online at https://www.gov.uk/what-to-do-if-your-vehicle-has-been-stolen

Unfortunately manufacturers tend to use cheap components in both remote and keyless fobs, this make life somewhat easier for the would be criminal.
There are some simple steps that you can take to avoid being a victim.

Remote Keyless Fob News
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Flu Clinic @ NQS this coming Saturday – POSTPONED

The planned Flu Clinic to have been held at New Queen Street Surgery has been POSTPONED until Saturday 03rd November.

This is because of the success of this weeks clinic, leaving a shortfall in vaccine.
Once fully confirmed I will re-post…

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Another Good Event Coming to Our Library

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Flu Clinics @ NQS Tomorrow & Next Saturday

Flu clinics at New Queen Street Surgery tomorrow Saturday 13th between 08:30 and 11:00

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Green Dog Walkers – Launch in Whittlesey.

For more information about the scheme contact
Robin Sutton email – robin55@btopenworld.com

A successful launch engagement today Friday at the Whittlesey Market Place/Buttercross.



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WTC Meeting Wednesday 10th October 2018

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

I was unable to attend last nights WTC meeting but am happy to say in my ‘Letter from America’ – (Who remembers Alistair Cook’s Letter from America I wonder) – my thanks to our correspondent who reports the following….

CC Boden gave an update as to the ‘situation’ at Saxon Pit.

He mentioned that as we know the un-authorised waste is considerable and it has now materialised that there is so much waste there that requires moving if in fact it is moved will de stabilise the wall of the pit even further!
Planning permission was granted to stabilise this wall!!!!!!
Further another planning application is imminent to stabilise the Northern face (Southern) but current breaches cannot be taken into account because the new application will be from a different company – (possibly the current owners)

Whilst CC Boden assured everyone the Environment Agency “were all over”
This is not very reassuring.

My correspondent states – In a current political environment where saving the planet is key the current situation at Saxon has been allowed to happen. If it was not for the fact that the current operator could not source enough top soil to cover up the refuse and residents (neighbours of the site) complained about the smell persistently this event would have gone unnoticed by both the environment agency and the county council. Which brings the next question what monitoring of the site by both parties and the work carried out there actually took place before the complaints were received ????

(RG) I can not go into much further details as there are investigations on-going by the Environment Agency (Since February this year) and possible legal proceeding may take place.

Dawn Sadler. (FDC) H&S is  good in Whittlesey looking into land ownership round railway station to resolve build up of rubbish.  Dog poo discussed again.
See article re Green Dog Walkers which launches tomorrow 12th October – Here in Whittlesey.

CC Boden gave details of his comprehensive work re change in wards. This would be boundary changes for next years local elections.

Minerals and waste plan no response as doesn’t affect Whittlesey.

Must Farm -Good – plan A rejected bid not successful therefore plan B bid going forward for visitor centre and artefacts to be at Kings Dyke reserve.

Kings Dyke Bridge Crossing. A meeting 11th October by the Finance Committee to authorise the spend/cost of the project. Then another meeting with the Metro/Combined Mayor James Palmer to see they will make up the shortfall>
Councillor Curtis wants to raise issues regarding inaccurate reports – re- volume of traffic and impact assessment with Cambs County Council.
These reports may have been vastly underestimated to the point of not taking into account volumes of traffic when the North Bank is closed.

In regards to the above…there is of course the as yet unpublished letter by campaigner Peter Baxter in the respect of a Strategic Environmental Assessment not have been carried out. There was correspondence regarding this and it was ‘stated’ using – Wikipedia as its source that ‘One was not required’ – Peter Baxter refutes this statement and I am waiting for his letter to be published…..(RG)

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