Planning Committee Meeting

At last night’s Planning Meeting (Whittlesey Town Council).
The new chairman and vice chairman were chosen.
Cllr Alex Miscandlon now becomes chairman and Cllr Alan Bristow becomes vice chairman.

Cllr Alan Bristow                      Cllr Alex Miscandlon

8 members of the public in attendance –
Mr Brent Walker (Postland Developments) gave an update on their ‘Coates Minuet Village’ between Coates and Eastrea.
some changes in the large house on the front were being proposed.

Photo’s WTC – RWT Photography.

During the public forum Mr Langley of Eastrea gave concerns around Planning Application F/YR/0357/O – Mr Langley has been running his agricultural business for many years and was concerned about the proposed building next door to him.

The other planning application that caused most debate (mostly from myself) was that of the proposed erection 9 flats and 2 retails units around ‘Grosvenor House’ (present Council Building) (F/YR19/0286/F) Some very valid concerns about :
Delivery Access
Parking Concerns
Lighting Concerns
Access Requirements
Public safety

Ref appeal APP/EPR/550 East Midlands Waste @ Saxon Pit.
A letter was read out from Cllr Chris Boden, highlighting some updates from the Environment Agency.
I spoke at some length and detail on not just the current concerns but historical events.
A letter has been received from the Environment Agency to MP Steve Barclay detailing some of the latest developments surrounding the Saxon Pit.

At present the EA have withdrawn the enforcement notice, the decision has been made so that they can work with the operator to resolve issues without the need for an appeal hearing at this stage.

Declaration of interest: I am Roy Gerstner Councillor for St Marys Ward South of Whittlesey Town Council. I sit on the planning committee of the Council.
Whittlesey Town Council act as consultee’s only on planning applications.
Fenland District Council – Planning Committee are the decision makers on most applications.
Cambridgeshire County Council make planning decisions on some applications.

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Finance & Policy Committee Meeting

At last night’s Finance & Policy Committee Meeting (Whittlesey Town Council).
The new chairman and vice chairman were chosen.
Cllr Chris Boden now becomes chairman and Cllr David Davies becomes vice chairman.
Afterwards the meeting mainly concentrated on procedures regarding reporting of council finances, how/when predications can be implemented.
There was some robust discussion around introducing a new system, which may involve new or modified software and/or training required – costs!

Photo’s WTC – RWT Photography.

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PayPal Scam Beware…..

I would like you and your families to be aware of an international Organised Crime Group using the PayPal name to facilitate fraud.
It happens as follows:

The victim advertises electrical goods for sale on a legitimate online market place.

The victim will receive contact from an interested buyer and a sale is agreed.

The victim will later receive an email ( which appears on face value, to be from PayPal. The email will state that the goods need to be sent with a tracking reference prior to payment being made through PayPal.
The victim believing this is a true instruction from PayPal, then sends the goods.

No payment is ever sent or received.

Criminals can spoof an email address and telephone number, that means criminals can make their communication look like it has been sent by a known or trusted sender.

If in doubt, contact the sender via a telephone but don’t reply to the original email.

PayPal will never request that goods are sent out prior to payment being received.


For further advice on protecting yourself and family from fraud and cyber crime, please visit
or contact Nigel Sutton at:

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Sue Ryder – Thanks Connie

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It’s Coming – It’s A Knockout – Field Of Dreams Whittlesey

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BusFest – BeerFest – Classic Cars – Free Rides – Nice Weather

What more can we ask for…. There was a record number of classic buses – A fair number and flow of public – Not as many as I thought would attend the event.
Very popular – The ‘free’ rides which seemed pretty full most of the day.




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Sue Ryder – Walk-To-Remember – Connie Gerstner

Connie and friends, some from Whittlesey today completed their ‘Walk-To Remember’
In fine weather several hundred others from the area joined in.
We are pleased to announce that she has raised £426:00 this year (Last year £301:00) so has done very well and wishes to say a BIG THANK YOU to the 25 supporters who paid Cash and the 11 sponsors who visited ‘Just Giving Page’
A wonderful organisation – who are there when families are in most need of support.









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Who Will Be The Next Leader of Fenland District Council

Has ‘He’ or ‘She’ already been chosen !!! – How about a guessing game !!! – A Whittlesey Councillor !!! – How about these pictures.
On the agenda – ‘click’ on the bottom left corner to advance/reverse page.





FDC - Agenda frontsheet 23rd-May-2019 16.00 Council

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Good Neighbours Update

Some neighbours are becoming concerned about The Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on elderly peoples doors. They are doing nothing illegal and have like other religious groups being carrying out these activities for many years.
Signs of doors and windows informing of ‘No Cold Callers’ may help.
A spy-eye glass through the door in order to see who maybe at the door.
A CCTV system or doorbell with a mini-camera may help.
Or as many people do – just not answer the door.
If you do so, politely say you’re not interested and close the door.
Of course if you are interested in what they have to offer or say – that is your decision.

A very convincing ‘scam message’ sent to SR purported to have come from ‘Argos’™ –
There are a couple of give-aways – why not come along to the ‘Free Scams Session’ – this Wednesday at 7pm – Whittlesey Town Council Offices – as advertised here previously.
Fortunately SR checked with Argos – and it was a ‘Scam’
If you are unsure – never click on a link.

Before I post ‘links’ on this site – I always check them myself first and only post ‘links’ to known trusted organisations.

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A Jolly Good Night Had By All

Supporting local businesses at The Whittlesey Business Forum, last night was a social evening at Sonargaon – our local Indian Restaurant – Voted in the top 3 Restaurants in the Greater Peterborough area.

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