Major Electrical Issue – Market Street

Last 3 nights big team of workmen working in Market Street – UK Power Networks

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Excellent NHW Meeting

12 members of Whittlesey NHW attended the meeting last night, we welcomed new member Kim K to the group and we have signed 2 further members this month.
Neighbourhood Sgt Richard Lugg along with our (2) PCSO’s were in attendance.
We covered a vast array of local subjects concerning our community, crime statistics being fairly level and NOT what peoples perception think crime levels are – I am talking of ‘reported’ crime – NOT all is reported and therefor is NOT recorded.
The group is very mindful of supporting vulnerable, elderly and lonely people within our area – we hope to be expanding in these area’s in the near future.
Secretary Robin Sutton is today having a meet up with PCC Jason Ablewhite and this will be one of the subjects to be discussed, another issue being the 101 None Emergency Call Centre.
Another major concern, which has been reported to both our local police and at HQ in Hinchingbrooke is that of Social Media – ‘Hate or Racism’ posts, the police are very aware of incidents and are looking into it – there is a very fine line between someone’s personal views and those that encourage/promote or entice hatred or racism….. just be careful is the advice.
Sgt Lugg also gave an update on other investigations currently going on and his team is producing some good results – they can’t be everywhere at once, but he has been given more resources.
For more information and a vast array of help please visit the Whittlesey NHW Website.

Why not join the UK’s largest volunteer group – to sign up…..

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Parking Issues – Lots of Feedback

The Very Emotive Issue – Parking….. Posted on 30th NovemberClick Here to see
Has provoked a lot a ‘mainly’ positive feedback – in that the issue needs addressing – as it has done on many occasions….My article will be circulated amongst The Whittlesey Business Forum members for them to discuss and possibly lead a lobby to our Councils/Councillors (January’s Meeting)

In the meantime a correspondent sent me the following :-

For some drivers, parking on the pavement comes as second nature. For others, it’s a complete nuisance. Now new research reveals the UK has a near perfect 50/50 split on the issue. Half the country thinks that we should ban pavement parking while the other thinks we should allow it.

Research shows that 1 in 10 drivers park daily on the pavement which equates to about 3 million a day leading to the government potentially planning to act and create a nationwide ban on pavement parking.

Change in law

Back in 1974 when the Road Traffic Act was created, pavement parking was made illegal and never enacted. This was mainly due to high contention from multiple organisations and pressure from citizens; it was ultimately repealed in 1991 and pavement parking, aside from a few spots namely London and other major cities.

Now over 40 years later, the Scottish Government has under their new Transport bill allowed local governments to fine for pavement parking. Along with some areas in London, at the minute these are the only places one cannot park on the pavement.

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Report on the WTC Meeting Wednesday 12th December

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Since I attended the AGM of the CAB I was not present at last nights meeting, however I will have a report to publish of the main points of the meeting sometime during the weekend.

What has come to me is the Council meetings are Far – Far – too – long, I understand that last nights meeting went on until after 23:00 that’s some 3½ hours – blimey The Brexit issues took less time in parliament this week……Come on get a grip – have timed agenda and stop revisiting the same items over and over – maybe some Chairmanship training is required…..The few members of the public who turn up are getting ‘bored’ with the length of the meeting.

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AGM of the CAB

I am a member of the Rural Citizens Advice Bureau and have been for 7 years.
I attend their meetings and they make me very welcome for my input and support.
(I am not paid and I DO NOT claim any expenses)

Mission Statement :- The Citizens Advice Service provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone, on their rights and responsibilities. It values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.







Mrs J Dorroch Treasurer &                            Acting CEO Nick Blencowe
Dr Trevor Evans Chairman

I was one of only 4 members attending the AGM and there were no representatives from Whittlesey or Fenland Councils, who financially support the Rural CAB.

The Rural CAB has an excellent website, which contains a vast array of self help information.
Besides only a few ‘paid’ full time employees – the group consists of 113 volunteers including members and trustees – who collectively contributed approximately 44,000 hours of work to the local community.

Unfortunately during the financial year the Charity (CAB) had substantial deficit of some £80,000 which has had a significant impact on its reserve holdings.
Needless to say that Dr B Dungarwall (CEO to 25/09/18) has resigned her role.

Whittlesey Town Council makes a contribution to The Rural CAB and this is reviewed every year. The CAB attend Whittlesey Library/Learning Centre every Friday and an appointment system is in place on a Friday morning at the reception desk.
Recently the Rural CAB have been attending The Eastrea Centre on a monthly basis, this is for a limited time only.

The CAB and all its volunteers carry out a fantiastic job in supporting local people and is as previously stated ‘free’ to us – they are under enormous pressure with the amount of cases they deal with and one of the biggest to hit them is the introduction of Universal Credit.
Fortunately there will be Central Government funding to help nationally all CAB’s give support and advice.

Visit Rural CAB Website for many resources :-

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Take 5 —– Minutes to read this advice

Emails are being sent across Cambridgeshire (and Whittlesey) by criminals telling the recipient similar to the following:

  1. That their devices have been compromised with spyware or a key logger.
  2. The email will often include a part or complete password that the victim will be able to identify with, or the name of a spouse or relative all to make it appear more believable.
  3. The content of the email will make accusations that the victim had been viewing illegal material online, or that they have illegal files stored on their device. There will then be a demand for a bitcoin payment. Approximate cost of the blackmail if paid, £300.
  4. The criminal may allege that they have been monitoring the victim for weeks or months.
  5. The criminal may invite the victim to click on a link in order to see the material for themselves, this is nothing more than a link to a criminally controlled website that installs ransomware onto the device. A further demand for payment will be made to un-encrypt the data.


  6. It is unlikely that the device had already been compromised prior to the delivery of the email.
  7. It is highly likely, that the email address and password had previously been obtained from a data breach via a website/server unbeknown to the victim and sold or shared amongst the cyber criminals.  
  8. The accusation of possessing illegal material is malicious social engineering, it is designed to put fear into the person reading the email and to cause a reaction in this case to pay a ransom.
  9. It is highly unlikely that the criminal has been monitoring the email account for days, weeks or months. A number of cyber criminals are lazy and they do not desire to spend any time researching victims, they just send out blanket emails and wait for a response.
  10. NEVER open an attachment or click on a link to an email you are not 100% satisfied to who actually sent it.
  11. The advice of the National Crime Agency and UK Policing, is never to pay a ransom.

For more information:

Mr Nigel Sutton (8517)
Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor
Specialist Crime Team (Serious & Organised, Fraud & Cyber)
Intelligence and Specialist Crime Department
Cambridgeshire Constabulary

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Whittlesey Business Forum Meeting

This evening saw the Whittlesey Business Forum meeting at the Falcon Hotel, not so many attendees tonight was down to businesses having the festive season to contend with.
Membership remains stable and constant at 53 members – mostly local businesses, with myself and some Whittlesey Councillors in support of our community.
Present committee was re-elected, with Joe Jennings being the Chairman, Deborah Slater as Vice Chairman and Eamonn Dorling as Treasurer.
Fee’s for membership are due on the 01st January and remain set at last years level.
A planned visit to the House of Commons and House of Lords is scheduled for 21st January – places still available.

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Whittlesey Society Meeting….

Last night (10th) there were 18 members attending to hear a very good talk about the history of Peterborough Cathedral – which celebrates it’s 900th anniversary this year.
Other updates about the Kings Dyke Bridge and the New Queen Street Surgery change of personnel.





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Hurray – At Last – Paint on the Road

After many, many months, goodness knows how many times raised at Whittlesey Town Council and direct with County Councillor David Connor the state of our (3) Zebra Crossings in town have today at long last been given a lick of paint –
Thank You.
My perseverance has at last paid off.
The Zebra’s were in such a poor state that I quoted – they were not fit for purpose and have serious doubts of them being compliant.
So we can all cross the road at these Zebra’s in confidence that motorists can see them.

A small success….Thanks Cllr Connor….




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WTC Full Council Meeting Agenda 12th December 2018

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